Barry Finegold – Senator (Andover, MA)

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Pro-Growth Progressive Idea: Making it easier to build wind power sites

Barry Finegold was elected to the State Senate in 2010, where he has worked to revitalize the Merrimack Valley by attracting high technology businesses that create jobs and protect our environment.  In the legislature, Barry has helped create the Massachusetts Hydrogen Coalition and has proposed cutting-edge legislative initiatives to put the Merrimack Valley at the forefront of fuel cell technology.

Among Barry’s biggest accomplishments as a legislator was passing legislation to expand access to charter schools and create powerful tools to help local and state officials turn around failing schools.  Barry also spearheaded the “Massachusetts Renewable Energy Road Map,” a package of policy ideas designed to invigorate our economy and protect the environment with research-and-development grants and tax incentives for Massachusetts companies developing fuel-cell technology.