Cory Booker – Mayor (Newark , NJ), NewDEAL Honorary Regional Chair

Connect with Cory:

Cory Booker is the Mayor of Newark, New Jersey, where he is presently serving in his second term.

Mayor Booker and his Administration have made meaningful strides towards achieving the City’s mission by tackling significant challenges with innovation, new coalitions, as well as creative public-private partnerships.

Mayor Booker and his team have more than doubled the rate of affordable housing production; created the City’s largest expansion of parks and recreation spaces in over a century; and brought more than $1 billion of new economic development into the City. Business attraction has also been a focus for Mayor Booker and his team – they have attracted new large businesses and, through the City’s economic development corporation, created a small and midsize business loan fund that has helped over 50 businesses start or expand. Mayor Booker has also attracted national attention for his education reform efforts – already succeeding in significantly expanding high quality public education options for families and leading in the creation of new strong educational and career development opportunities for Newark’s disaffected youth.