Dave Coulter – Mayor (Ferndale, MI)

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Pro-Growth Progressive Idea: Implementing a One Stop Ready program to make it easier for local businesses to create jobs

Dave Coulter became the 17th Mayor of Ferndale in January, 2011.  Prior to that, he served as Oakland County Commissioner for four terms, where he also served as Democratic Leader.  Mayor Coulter has been active on many community projects.  He was a member of the Human Rights Ordinance Committee in 1999, and was a Trustee on the Ferndale Library Board in 2004-05, beginning the work that eventually led to the library’s expansion.

Prior to serving in elected office, Dave was a civil engineering draftsman and public school teacher, and worked for 13 years in Public Affairs at Michigan Consolidated Gas Company. Dave was also the former Executive Director of the non-profit Michigan AIDS Fund, which raised funds for HIV prevention education.