Jim Townsend – Representative (Royal Oak, MI)


Connect with Jim:

Pro-Growth Progressive Idea: Leading smart growth regional cooperation to reinvest in older developed communities

Jim Townsend is committed to standing up for working people and small businesses to help them create jobs and turn our economy around. He is working to create a climate of innovation where entrepreneurs can thrive, take root in our community and invest in Michigan.

Prior to joining the Michigan House of Representatives, Jim led national marketing and sales for Ford Motor Company’s $4 billion minivan business, after which he founded his own consulting business that specializes in helping companies and other organizations grow and create jobs.

Jim served as the executive director of the Tourism Economic Development Council, where he guided a 10-year strategy for increasing Southeast Michigan’s tourism economy by $3 billion per year. He also founded and directed the Michigan Suburbs Alliance, a nonprofit organization devoted to revitalizing and reinventing developed communities.