Keiffer Mitchell – Delegate (Baltimore, MD)

Connect with Keiffer:

Pro-Growth Progressive Idea: Connecting unemployed workers with the skills they need to be competitive in the fastest growing industries

Keiffer Mitchell was elected to the Maryland House of Delegates in 2011.  Before becoming a Delegate, Keiffer served on the Baltimore City Council since 1995, where he was Chair of the Education and Human Resources Committee.  As lead sponsor of the bill that created the Urban Education Reform Commission, he spearheaded efforts to replace jurisdictional squabbling over the school system with genuine accountability. Keiffer successfully fought for and secured a $3 million investment in modern computers for City schools. He also sought fiscal responsibility from our school system. When schools faced a looming fiscal crisis, a local paper dubbed Keiffer the “Man with the Plan” based on his leadership in securing a $42 million loan to the school system.  That loan has since been paid in full.

After leaving the Baltimore City Council, Keiffer continued his efforts to support small business through his work at Wachovia Bank as a Small Business Banking Officer.  Most recently, he founded the Mitchell London Group, LLC, to provide strategic counsel and advice to businesses and non-profits regarding government and community affairs.