Kim Driscoll – Mayor (Salem, MA)

Connect with Kim:

Pro-Growth Progressive Idea: Redeveloping a coal power plant site to transform Salem’s waterfront

Kim Driscoll is the first female Mayor of Salem, where she began her first term in January of 2006. Prior to being elected Mayor, Kim served as the Deputy City Manager for the city of Chelsea, Massachusetts, as well as serving two terms on the Salem City Council.  Kim also has an extensive background in planning and land use development, having held public and private positions working with community development and land planning.

Kim has worked on professionalizing all aspects of local government in Salem, including resolution of a looming multi-million dollar budget deficit.  Under her leadership, the city has restored financial stability while embracing new projects and programs such as an updated community web site aimed at improving transparency and customer service and a complete re-organization of city government aimed at reducing redundancies and streamlining operations. The early success of these efforts has led to renewed interest and investment in Salem, both within the downtown and throughout the community.