Michael Hancock – Mayor (Denver, CO)

Connect with Michael:

Michael Hancock was elected Mayor of Denver in 2010.  Before becoming Mayor, Michael served two terms as Denver City Council president and was the youngest CEO of an Urban League chapter anywhere in the country. Michael started his career working at the National Civic League, where he helped communities, nonprofits and other clients all over the country craft and enact strategic plans to solve economic and budget challenges, increase civic participation and improve governance.

At 29 years old, Michael became President of Metro Denver’s Urban League, where he created a nationally recognized and award-winning job-training program, and built private-sector partnerships with companies like Qwest, Comcast and AT&T. After almost five years as president of the Urban League, Michael stepped down in 2003 when voters elected him to the City Council. His council peers unanimously chose him to serve two terms as council President from 2006-2008. As President, Michael presided over the creation of the Denver Pre-School Initiative, strategies to fight foreclosures, efforts to support businesses and expand economic opportunities downtown, and the implementation of the largest infrastructure improvement effort in city history.