Join Us for Our 2022 Annual Conference!

We hope you will join us for the 12th Annual NewDEAL Leaders Conference, November 30 – December 2 in Washington, DC!

Coming off the recent elections, we will reflect on the lessons of the midterm results, including what they portend for public policy in 2023 and beyond, and how to shape a pro-growth progressive agenda that both appeals to the broadest cross-section of Americans while solving the country’s biggest challenges.

State and local leaders continue to be at the forefront of addressing urgent issues, such as climate change, the future of education and work, access to reproductive health care, and the shortage of affordable housing.  Over two-and-a-half days of keynote speakers, interactive panels, and breakout discussions, we will share best practices for tackling these challenges and more, and we will host a session of the Forum’s Democracy Working Group dealing with the serious threats to our democracy. Discussions will also focus specifically on ongoing opportunities for state and local officials to implement solutions by making the most of funding from the American Rescue Plan, Inflation Reduction Act, and Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

Stay tuned for details including speakers and breakout session topics. In the meantime, you can review the highlights from last year’s annual conference here.


Thursday Morning, December 1, 2022

Friday Morning, December 2, 2022

Thursday Afternoon, December 1, 2022

Friday Afternoon, December 2, 2022

Welcome Reception

Chris Coons

U.S. Senator, DE

Chris Coons was elected to the United States Senate in 2010 following terms as New Castle County Council President and New Castle County Executive. In the Senate, he sits on the Appropriations, Judiciary, Foreign Relations, Small Business and Entrepreneurship, and Ethics Committees.

Before entering government, Chris worked as an attorney for W.L. Gore & Associates, an advanced materials manufacturer in Delaware. As a law student, Chris founded the Delaware chapter of the national “I Have a Dream” Foundation, which helps low-income students make the academic journey from elementary school through college. Shortly after receiving his law degree and clerking on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, Chris began working at the organization’s national office, where he launched and ran its AmeriCorps program in fifteen cities.

Chris graduated from Amherst College with a B.A. in chemistry and political science, and earned a law degree from Yale Law School and a Master’s in Ethics from Yale Divinity School. A longtime New Castle County resident, Chris lives in Wilmington with his wife, Annie, and their three children, Michael, Jack, and Maggie.

Joe Crowley

Former U.S. Representative & Senior Policy Director, Dentons

Congressman Joe Crowley is a senior policy director in Dentons’ Public Policy practice and provides strategic advice and consulting to clients on a wide range of public policy matters, including tax, financial services, and healthcare. As a former Chairman of the Democratic Caucus, the fourth-highest ranking position among House Democrats, Congressman Crowley brings strong negotiation skills, a deep understanding of complex congressional politics, and extensive experience in navigating the legislative process to his practice.

Congressman Crowley represented the people of New York’s 14th congressional district, including his hometown of Woodside, Queens, for 20 years. He served in the House Democratic leadership for six years, first as Vice-Chair and then as Chairman of the Democratic Caucus. He also served as chair of the New Democrat Coalition, a chief deputy whip, and sat on the Democratic Steering and Policy Committee.

During his tenure, Congressman Crowley served on the prestigious House Ways and Means Committee, where he worked to protect Social Security and Medicare, championed efforts to pass the Affordable Care Act and make healthcare more affordable, and pushed to cut taxes for middle class Americans and small businesses. Before being appointed to the Ways and Means Committee, Congressman Crowley was a member of the House Financial Services and Foreign Affairs Committees. He was a three-time co-chair of the Congressional Caucus on India and Indian-Americans, co-chair of the Ad Hoc Committee on Irish Affairs and an active member of the Friends of Ireland Caucus, and co-founder of both the Bangladesh Caucus and the Rare Diseases Caucus.

Congressman Crowley’s rise in the House of Representatives and in the Democratic Party leadership is indicative of his tireless work to elect Democrats at every level of government and his commitment to mentoring both colleagues and candidates. Recognized as one of Capitol Hill’s most strategic and influential legislators, Congressman Crowley earned the respect of Democrats and Republicans alike. Before entering national politics, Congressman Crowley served in the New York State Assembly from 1987 to 1998.

In 2021, Congressman Crowley was appointed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to serve on the America 250 Commission (U.S. Semiquincentennial Commission), which is charged with orchestrating the 250th anniversary of the founding of the United States. He is also involved with many charitable organizations, including N Street Village and Ford’s Theatre, and is a co-producer of the Broadway musical “Paradise Square.”

Suzan DelBene

U.S. Representative (WA-01)

Congresswoman Suzan DelBene represents Washington’s 1st Congressional District, which spans from northeast King County to the Canadian border and includes parts of King, Snohomish, Skagit, and Whatcom counties.

First sworn into the House of Representatives in November 2012, Suzan brings a unique voice to the nation’s capital with more than two decades of experience as a successful technology entrepreneur and business leader.

Suzan takes on a wide range of challenges both in Congress and in the 1st District. She is a leader on issues of technology, health care, trade, taxes, environmental conservation, and agriculture, and is a champion for working families.

She currently serves as the Vice Chair of the House Ways and Means Committee, which is at the forefront of the debate on a fairer tax code, health care reform, trade deals, and lasting retirement security. She serves on the Select Revenue Measures and Trade Subcommittees.

Suzan also serves as Chair of the forward-thinking New Democrat Coalition and is co-chair of the Women’s High-Tech Coalition, Internet of Things Caucus, and Dairy Caucus. She is also a member of the Pro-Choice Caucus.

Suzan spent part of her early childhood in Newport Hills and Mercer Island before her father lost his job. After fourth grade, her family moved all over the country in search of work. Through hard work and financial aid, she earned her BA in biology from Reed College.

She started her career in immunology research before earning an MBA from the University of Washington and embarking on a successful career as a technology leader and innovator. Over more than two decades as an executive and entrepreneur, she helped to start as Vice President of Marketing and Store Development and served as CEO and President of Nimble Technology, a business software company based on technology developed at the University of Washington. Suzan also spent 12 years at Microsoft, most recently as corporate vice president of the company’s mobile communications business.

Before being elected to Congress, Suzan served as Director of the Washington State Department of Revenue. During her tenure, she proposed reforms to cut red tape for small businesses. She also enacted an innovative tax amnesty program that generated $345 million to help close the state’s budget gap while easing the burden on small businesses.

Suzan’s mix of real-world experience in the private and public sector gives her a deep understanding of how to build successful businesses, create jobs, implement real fiscal accountability, and adopt policies that provide individuals with access to opportunity.

Val Hoyle

NewDEALer & U.S. Representative-elect (OR-04)

Val Hoyle served in Oregon’s House of Representatives from 2009 to 2017.  Val has a background in business, with over 25 years of experience in the outdoor sporting goods industry.  She was chair of the Export Council of Oregon and a founding member of the Eugene Chamber of Commerce’s International Trade Roundtable.

Val focused much of her time in the legislature on strengthening education, through innovative ideas such as The New Partnership, which provides the University of Oregon with more stable funding and clearer standards of accountability to improve accessibility, affordability, diversity, economic development, and service impact.  She also worked to make the state’s School Superintendent an appointed position in order to take the politics out of education and focus on what’s best for Oregon students.

In the wake of the recession, Val has been a voice for one of the hardest-hit districts in the state, striving to ensure that small businesses can support their workers by backing the creation of a healthcare exchange that will ease the burden of health insurance costs. In November, she was elected to represent Oregon’s 4th Congressional District.

Ian Kahn

Founder, Kahn Consulting

Ian Kahn, Founder of Kahn Consulting, is a media and communication coach specializing in virtual communications. Ian coaches executives, game-changers, and mission-driven leaders who want to convey a clearer, more confident, and compelling message in every communication touchpoint. 

You may recognize Ian from his role as George Washington in ABC’s “Turn: Washington’s Spies”. Ian has taken his 20 years of experience working on camera and on the stage as an actor where he learned the craft of engaging audiences, and brought it to NewDEAL Leaders.

Ian’s expertise is teaching speakers how to engage audiences and a build narrative that holds attention from start to finish. He teaches professionals how to project executive presence and hone their message so they can be better heard and understood in every format from virtual, to in-person, on-camera, keynote speaking and large convention venues. 

Today, Ian works with CEO’s, board members and elected officials to project their personal brand, present persuasively, and explain why they have the best solutions. If you would like to meet with Ian to discuss his methods, he’s happy to connect with you to talk more.

Seth Magaziner

NewDEALer & U.S. Representative-elect (RI-02)

Seth Magaziner was elected to the office of Rhode Island General Treasurer in November of 2014, and is committed to promoting economic growth and expanding opportunity through honest, effective leadership. In November, he was elected to represent Rhode Island’s 2nd Congressional District

As Treasurer, Seth launched the BankLocal program, which has helped hundreds of Rhode Island small businesses get access to the capital they need to grow and expand, by moving millions of dollars of the state’s cash to local community banks and credit unions. He also was a driving force behind Rhode Island’s once in a generation statewide school construction initiative and the establishment of the Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank. Seth made Rhode Island a leader in financial transparency with the launch of his Transparent Treasury initiative, that allows citizens to easily access information about where their public dollars are invested.

Seth was born in Bristol, Rhode Island, and started his career as a public school teacher, and later as an investment professional. He serves on the board of Crossroads RI, Rhode Island’s largest nonprofit provider of services to the homeless. Seth and his wife Julia live in Providence.

Willie Nile


The New York Times called Buffalo, NY, born Willie Nile “one of the most gifted singer-songwriters to emerge from the New York scene in years.” Uncut Magazine called him “A one-man Clash.”  

Willie has toured across the U.S. with The Who and has sung with Bruce Springsteen and Ringo Starr. As the induction program from the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame says: “His live performances are legendary.” His 2020 album New York At Night got rave reviews, with the Associated Press calling it: “As sharp and guitar-driven as ever…the fire within Nile, once a peer of The Replacements and The Clash, continues to light a similar torch…anthemic…custom made for these times.” Downbeat Magazine calling it a “sonic love letter to Gotham.” 

Willie just released a new single, “Wake Up America”. It’s a call for the better angels of the country to stand up and be counted. It’s the first single from the new album he’s now working on to be released in 2023.

Brad Schneider

U.S. Representative (IL-10)

Brad Schneider represents Illinois’s 10th District in the United States House of Representatives, where he is serving his fourth term. He is a member of the House Committee on Ways and Means and House Committee on Foreign Affairs. He has previously served on the House Judiciary and Small Business committees.

As a member of Congress, Brad is focused on building a thriving economy that works for all Americans, and ensuring every family has affordable health care, quality education and a rising standard of living.  He knows that our communities are stronger when small businesses invest and grow, our environment is healthy, and people are working together for a better future.

Brad is committed to tackling the challenges we face as a nation, including protecting Medicare and Social Security for future generations, reforming our broken immigration system,  passing sensible gun safety legislation, and critically, urgently taking action to reduce the rate and address the impacts of global climate change.

He is also a staunch advocate for the rights of women, including ensuring equal pay for equal work and protecting every woman’s right to make her own health care decisions about her body. Brad also favors extending federal civil rights protections to the LGBTQ community and was a strong supporter of marriage equality long before he held public office.

Brad remains an influential voice on foreign affairs in Congress and believes our nation and world benefit when the United States exercises leadership and engages with the international community. A longtime proponent of a strong U.S.-Israel relationship, Brad consistently leads on efforts in Congress to promote cooperation on security, counter Iran’s nefarious influence, and condemn efforts to delegitimize the Jewish state.

Prior to being elected to Congress, Brad spent more than 20 years in business and management consulting, helping both large and family-owned businesses address the challenges of a changing economy and plan for the future.  His professional experience has allowed him to see first-hand the challenges small businesses face when trying to hire new workers and grow their company, as well as the effect thriving small businesses can have on a community’s overall well-being.

At home, Brad has deep ties to the community, including service with organizations such as the Jewish United Fund, the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, Waukegan Public Library Foundation, B.E.S.T., the Coalition to Reduce Recidivism, and the Civic Leadership Foundation.

Brad earned a BS in industrial engineering and his MBA from Northwestern University.

Brad and his wife, Julie, have been residents of the Tenth District for 30 years, where they created a home, built their careers, and, most importantly, raised two sons, Adam and Daniel.

He now enjoys exploring the bike trails throughout the district.

Opening Remarks

Debbie Cox Bultan

Chief Executive Officer, NewDEAL

Debbie Cox Bultan has twenty-five years of experience in center-left politics, public policy and non-profit leadership. As CEO of NewDEAL, she oversees both strategy and day to day operations for the organization.

Debbie previously served as Executive Director for the Civic Leadership Foundation, a Chicago-based non-profit that prepares underserved youth for college, career and civic life. Prior to helping launch NewDEAL, Debbie spent fifteen years at the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) where she served in a number of capacities, including National Political Director and Chief of Staff. Among her accomplishments at the DLC was developing a network of, and policy tools for, state and local elected officials across the country.

Debbie is also a veteran of numerous political campaigns in California.

Strategy Session: Lessons from the Midterms – What Happened

Matt Bennett

Executive Vice President for Public Affairs, Third Way

As a 23-year-old campaign staffer, Matt Bennett helped stage the infamous “Dukakis in a tank” photo-op that helped sink Michael Dukakis’ 1988 presidential campaign. Matt would never again put a candidate in a tank (other than a think tank), but now he’s a long-serving veteran of many political wars.

His pursuit of center-left politics has taken Matt from the campaign trail to the White House, and from the pages of The New York Times to appearances on Meet the Press and 60 Minutes. He worked on both of the presidential campaigns of Bill Clinton, his political hero. He served as Deputy Assistant to the President for Intergovernmental Affairs in the Clinton White House, where he was the principal White House liaison to governors and covered issues ranging from disaster response to Medicaid to immigration. Prior to that, Matt traveled with Vice President Al Gore on his White House staff. He was Director of Communications for Wesley Clark’s presidential campaign in 2004, and from 2001-2004 he was Director of Public Affairs for Americans for Gun Safety.

In 2005, Matt joined his three fellow co-founders in establishing Third Way, believing that there is a tremendous need for fresh thinking and moderate ideas in a time of extreme political immoderation. Matt loves coming to work every day to take on the big questions our country faces with some of the people he respects most in the world. He considers helping to extend marriage equality to gays and lesbians one of Third Way’s proudest achievements so far.

Matt earned his J.D. from the University of Virginia School of Law and his bachelor’s degree in History from the University of Pennsylvania. But he grew up in Syracuse, and his blood—and loyalties—run Orange. He’s been a short-order cook, a room service waiter, a busboy, and a dishwasher, but the high point of Matt’s professional life was meeting Nelson Mandela. The literal high point of his life was climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

Matt lives outside Washington, D.C. with his wife and two boys, and he goes skiing with them every chance he gets.

Lanae Erickson

Senior Vice President for Social Policy, Education, & Politics, Third Way

Lanae spends her days helping policymakers and advocates to better understand the complexities of how voters in the middle approach topics that are often perceived politically as black and white, including hot button issues like immigration, crime, abortion, and guns. Working closely with leaders in the LGBT movement, she spearheaded Third Way’s Commitment Campaign, which mobilized moderate Americans to support marriage for gay couples by changing the conversation from legal rights and benefits to the importance of making a lifetime commitment in front of family and friends.

Lanae served as a member of President Obama’s third White House Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. Her commentary has been featured in a variety of news outlets, including The Washington Post, The New York Times, USA Today, Politico, The New Yorker, and PBS News Hour. She has also appeared on MSNBC, NPR, Fox News, CSPAN’s Washington Journal, CNN, Bloomberg Television, Air America, and her home state’s Minnesota Public Radio.

Simon Rosenberg

President, NDN & the New Policy Institute

An experienced television news producer and highly regarded political strategist and thinker, Simon has spent three decades in national media and politics. He is a veteran of two Presidential campaigns, including a leading role in the famous 1992 Clinton War Room. In his current capacity as President of NDN/New Policy Institute, Simon advises leading politicians, Administration officials and policy makers on a wide range of issues here in the United States and abroad. He is a frequent commentator in the national media, appearing regularly in major newspapers and websites, political journals and on cable and network television. A few years ago GQ magazine named him of the 50 most powerful people in Washington, and he currently writes a weekly column on American politics for US News and World Report. Simon and his wife, Caitlin Durkovich, and their three spirited children live in Washington, DC. Simon is a graduate of Tufts University and currently serves on the board of the Tisch College of Civic Life at Tufts. He is also a Crown Fellow of the Aspen Institute and a member of the U.S. State Department’s Advisory Committee on International Information and Communications Policy. He is a retired Little League baseball coach and proud playmate of his family’s English Bulldog, Tug.

Tim Ryan

U.S. Representative (OH-13)

Tim Ryan is a relentless advocate for working families in Ohio’s 13th District. He was first elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2002 and was sworn in on January 3, 2003. Successfully reelected nine times, he is now serving in his tenth term. Congressman Ryan currently serves as a member of the powerful House Appropriations Committee which controls the expenditure of money by the federal government.

Ryan serves as co-chairman of the Congressional Manufacturing Caucus and remains a leader in the fight to strengthen America’s manufacturing base and reform U.S. trade policies. The House Manufacturing Caucus examines and promotes policies to help American manufacturers find trained, educated workers, continue to lead the world in developing new industrial technologies, operate on a level playing field with their foreign competitors, and obtain the capital they need to thrive. Ryan is the leading advocate in the House to impose sanctions on unfair Chinese currency manipulation.

Ryan’s primary focus remains on the economy and quality-of-life in Northeast Ohio. He works closely with local officials and community leaders to advance local projects that enhance the economic competitiveness and help attract high-quality, high-paying jobs.

He is a dynamic leader in the House and speaks out on issues of particular concern in Northeast Ohio. He is a champion of efforts to make college more affordable, revitalize America’s cities and improve the health and well-being of American families and children. His work on these and other issues has garnered the attention of the national media.  He is the author of Healing America: How a Simple Practice Can Help Us Recapture the American Spirit and The Real Food Revolution: Healthy Eating, Green Groceries, and the Return of the American Family Farm.

Ryan has also served in the Ohio State Senate where he spearheaded efforts to establish a state-based earned income tax credit, to standardize community school data reporting, and bring college students into the debate over higher education funding.

Before his election to public office, Ryan served as President of the Trumbull County Young Democrats and as Chairman of the Earning by Learning program in Warren, Ohio. He began his career in politics as a congressional aide with the U.S. House of Representatives in 1995 and later served as an intern for the Trumbull County Prosecutor’s Office. Ryan holds a law degree from the University of New Hampshire School of Law (formerly the Franklin Pierce Law Center), studied abroad as part of the Dickinson School of Law’s International Law Program in Florence, Italy, and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio.

Ryan was born on July 16, 1973 in Niles, Ohio and currently resides in Howland, Ohio with his wife Andrea and three children.

Pat Ryan

U.S. Representative (NY-19)

Pat is a fifth-generation Ulster County native, decorated combat veteran, small business owner, US Congressman, and Fmr. County Executive who lives in Gardiner with his wife Rebecca and two young children, Theo and Cameron. Pat’s life has been shaped by a desire to serve his community. Growing up in Kingston, his mom, Patti, was a public school teacher at Chambers Elementary School, and his father, Kevin, ran a small business in Kingston. They taught Pat that we have an obligation to give back to our community and to take care of everyone in it – especially the most vulnerable among us.

After graduating from Kingston High School, Pat began his service to our community, attending West Point and deploying for two combat tours in Iraq as an Army intelligence officer. After leaving the military, he founded a small technology company, which grew to over 150 employees. As an executive, Pat managed a $25 million annual budget and worked to build partnerships with government and nonprofit organizations. He implemented worker-focused policies like paid family leave and created a jobs training program for veterans without college degrees, equipping them with tech skills to ensure they had high-paying jobs.

Elected in 2019, Pat served as Ulster County Executive until 2022, leading the county through a once-in-a-century pandemic, spearheading the effort to transform the former IBM site after decades of sitting dormant, providing direct financial relief to small businesses and residents, building supportive and affordable housing, and re-investing in mental health services – all while never raising taxes.

Reports from the States

Sydney Batch

NewDEALer & State Senator, NC

Senator Sydney Batch is a family law attorney, child welfare advocate, and social worker. Sydney received her undergraduate degree at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she remained for her Juris Doctorate and Masters of Social Work. Following law school, Sydney entered private practice with her husband, J. Patrick Williams. She is the founding partner at the law firm, Batch, Poore & Williams, PC. Her practice primarily focuses on family law, child welfare law, and appellate work. She was elected to the NC House representing Southern Wake County in 2018 and was later appointed to fill a vacant seat in the NC Senate in 2021.

During her time in the legislature, Senator Batch has continuously served as an advocate for families and small businesses. She currently serves on the Commerce, Pensions, Retirement, and Aging, Education Appropriations, Legislative Ethics, and Flood Resiliency committees. As a legislator, Sydney believes that policy and evidence-based research should inform and guide the legislation passed in the North Carolina General Assembly. She has advocated for a number of common-sense reforms, including paid family leave, affordable childcare, and mental health access. She resides in Wake County with her husband and two sons.

Melisa López Franzen

NewDEALer & Senate Minority Leader, MN

Senator Melisa Franzen was elected in 2012 and is serving her third term in the Minnesota Senate. She represents Senate District 49, which includes the communities of Bloomington, Eden Prairie, Minnetonka, and Edina. Senator Franzen serves on the Finance, Health and Human Services Finance and Policy, and Transportation and Public Safety Finance Committees. She is also a member of the Task Force on Medical Cannabis Therapeutic Research, and the Co-Founder and President of NewPublica, a public relations and strategic communications firm.

She began her career as an attorney at Target Corporation for eight years where she held several roles, titles, and responsibilities in Government Affairs and Community Relations divisions. Senator Franzen holds a Masters of Public Policy with a concentration in Economic and Community Development from the Humphrey Institute at the University of Minnesota and holds a J.D. from Hamline University School of Law.

Senator Franzen grew up in Puerto Rico, where she was active in volunteering, Girl Scouts, and in 4H. Today, she is part of the HOPE Latinas Binational Fellowship Program, an executive leadership program for outstanding Latina professionals, and was recently selected nationwide to join the Class of 2018 Aspen Institute-Rodel Fellowship in Public Leadership amongst 24 national leaders. She is the former President of the Minnesota Hispanic Bar Association and Regional Vice President of the Hispanic National Bar Association and formerly served on the Board of Directors for the Girl Scouts of Minnesota and Wisconsin River Valleys as well as Comunidades Latinas Unidas en Servicio (CLUES). She also received a 2020 Hispanic National Bar Association Top Lawyers Under 40 Award this year.

Erika Strassburger

NewDEALer & City Councilmember, Pittsburgh, PA

Erika Strassburger is a Member of Pittsburgh City Council, proudly serving the residents of the City’s 8th District. She is the first woman elected to this seat. Previously, Erika served as Chief of Staff for her predecessor, former-Councilman and NewDEAL Alumnus Dan Gilman.

In her first year on City Council, she introduced trailblazing legislation to expand employment protections for pregnant workers, those seeking to become pregnant, and their partners, helping to protect workers throughout the City. In addition, she introduced legislation to overhaul and modernize Pittsburgh’s municipal waste and recycling code, which among other provisions, set parameters for residential composting, codified best practices for containment and storage of waste, and built a foundation upon which Pittsburgh can become a Zero Waste City. She has also helped to passed policies to prevent against discrimination based on gender identity and expression citywide.

As the Council Member representing the Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Erika was immediately impacted by the October 27, 2018 mass shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue. In response, she led the way on a package of ordinances to ban the use of assault weapons and certain firearm accessories in the City, implement red flag policies for those at risk of harming themselves or others, prevent the extreme risk to children by holding gun owners accountable, and increase funding for the City’s violence prevention initiatives.

She has been an outspoken advocate for policies promoting clean water and air, equitable and diverse communities, safe, complete streets, and an open and transparent government, and is passionate about offering new ways for her constituents to be informed involved in city government.

Lunch: A Conversation with Pete Buttigieg

Pete Buttigieg

NewDEAL Alum & U.S. Secretary of Transportation

Pete Buttigieg serves as the 19th Secretary of Transportation, having been sworn in on February 3, 2021.

His focus as Secretary is to deliver the world’s leading transportation system for the American people and economy. He has worked to achieve organizational excellence in the department’s operations, and to focus the department on five policy goals: safety, jobs, equity, climate, and innovation. In his first year at the Department, he prioritized supporting the development and passage of President Biden’s signature Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. Since the law’s passage, Secretary Buttigieg and his team have focused on effectively delivering the investments provided by this legislation, enabling the most significant improvements in U.S. transportation infrastructure in over half a century.

The Secretary has also focused on intervening to support American supply chains dealing with shockwaves from the pandemic, including measures to help cut in half the long-dwelling container congestion at America’s largest ports. Other major initiatives in his early tenure have included a comprehensive national roadway safety strategy to reduce deaths and serious injuries; delivery of emergency COVID-19 relief funds to transit agencies across America; and awards of over $9.5 billion in discretionary funding to enhance transportation through over 800 projects in communities across America.

The first openly gay person confirmed to serve in a president’s Cabinet, Secretary Buttigieg previously served two terms as mayor of his hometown, South Bend, Indiana, where he worked across the aisle to transform the city’s future. Household income grew, poverty fell, and unemployment was cut in half. His work on transportation as mayor was nationally recognized, including an award for innovative streetscape design from the U.S. Department of Transportation where he now serves.

He also served for seven years as an officer in the U.S. Navy Reserve, taking a leave of absence from the mayor’s office for a deployment to Afghanistan in 2014.

The son of Joseph Buttigieg, who immigrated to the United States from Malta, and Jennifer Anne Montgomery, a fifth-generation Hoosier, Secretary Buttigieg is a graduate of Harvard University and Oxford, where he was a Rhodes Scholar and completed a degree in philosophy, politics, and economics. He lives with his husband Chasten, their two children, Gus and Penelope, and their two dogs.

Leirion Gaylor Baird

NewDEALer & Mayor, Lincoln, NE

Leirion Gaylor Baird is the mayor of Lincoln, Nebraska. Mayor Gaylor Baird previously served for six years as a member of the City Council and one term as a Lincoln/Lancaster County Planning Commissioner. Her career includes experience as a management consultant, fiscal and policy analyst, and Boys and Girls Club Director. She currently serves as the Vice-Chair of the Mayors and Metro Universities Task Force of the U.S. Conference of Mayors and is a participant in the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative.

The mayor earned her B.A. from Yale College and a M.Sc. from the University of Oxford. She and her husband, Scott, have three children – who, upon their mother’s election as mayor, were deeply disappointed to learn that she does not get to tell the School Superintendent when to call snow days.

Thursday Breakout Sessions

Jeff Bridges

NewDEAL Leader & State Senator, CO

Jeff Bridges was recently appointed to the Colorado State Senate. Previously, as a member of the Colorado State House, Jeff Bridges represents the same part of town where he coached a swim team, worked a high school job at Laser Storm, and attended public school K-12. His constituents include former teachers and doctors, friends from high school, and even his parents. In his first session in the State House, Bridges passed bipartisan legislation to improve the lives of everyday Coloradans by shortening wait times at the DMV, protecting free speech on college campuses, and welcoming the regulated testing of autonomous vehicles—or as the Drudge Report calls them, “headless Ubers.”

In a chamber full of lawyers, Jeff Bridges is the only Colorado State Representative with a Master of Divinity degree. Before running for office Bridges put that degree to work as the head of public affairs at Union Theological Seminary, where he helped keep a Hobby Lobby-style religious exemption out of an executive order that banned LGBT discrimination. As an aide to Colorado’s own Ken Salazar in the US Senate, Bridges received a letter from a constituent whose friend had been killed by an IED. In response, Bridges built a bipartisan coalition to save a program that’s still protecting the lives of our military men and women overseas. Bridges met his brilliant wife AnnMarie at Harvard’s admitted students day when she spotted his cowboy boots from across the room.

Amir Farokhi

NewDEAL Leader & City Councilmember, Atlanta, GA

Elected in 2017, Amir Farokhi serves on Atlanta’s City Council representing the City’s District 2. Professionally, he works at CARE USA where he serves as Director of. CARE’s Corporate Council. Previously, Councilmember Farokhi has served as Chief Operating Officer of College Advising Corps; Founder and Executive Director of GeorgiaForward; and practiced commercial litigation with an international law firm.

In 2011, 2012 and 2013, Councilmember Farokhi was named among the Most Influential Georgians by Georgia Trend Magazine and included in the magazine’s 40 Under 40 list. He was a 2011 Marshall Memorial Fellow, Term Member with the Council on Foreign Relations and Truman National Security Project member. His focus on City Council is on strengthening Atlanta’s transportation infrastructure, increasing civic engagement, economic security for residents, and improving the quality of City services.

Jamie Pascal

Director of Civic Innovation Policy, Chamber of Progress

Jamie Pascal is the Director of Civic Innovation Policy at the Chamber of Progress. Previously, she worked for five years at the African American Mayors Association (AAMA) and most recently as a Legislative Affairs Specialist at the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) focusing on labor and workforce development issues. As Director of Policy and Programs at AAMA, Jamie led the organization’s policy portfolio working with elected officials, business and community partners on our nation’s most pressing issues, including research on the future of work and promoting broadband access.

In addition to her work in the advocacy space,  Jamie was selected as a fellow for the Internet Law and Policy Foundry at the Internet Education Foundation. The highly competitive cohort is comprised of early-career Internet law and policy professionals that are eager to shape the development of internet law and policy. As a fellow, Jamie serves on both the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and Partnerships Committee. Jamie graduated with her Master’s in Public Policy from George Washington University and a Bachelor of Arts in English from Howard University.

Anthony Daniels

NewDEAL Leader & State Representative, AL

Anthony Daniels currently represents the 53rd District in the Alabama State House of Representatives and is the youngest and first African American Minority Leader of the Alabama House of Representatives.

Rep. Daniels is proud to be part of what NewDEAL stands for and he looks forward to helping his district, state, and nation grow by sharing ideas with like-minded people. A progressive economic plan is How We Grow in Alabama. His Growler Bill, passed in 2016, allows local microbreweries to sell growlers, increase revenue, and hire people, basically a small business expansion bill. He and his colleagues introduced a Farm to schools bill. This bill gives local farmers an opportunity to sell directly to school systems, up to 150,000 worth of food and produce. Together with his fellow progressive leaders, he will continue to push for smart, pro-growth policies that benefit all Americans.

Bob Duff

NewDEAL Leader & State Senator, CT

Bob Duff has served as a state senator for his hometown of Norwalk, CT since his election in 2004. Bob has earned a reputation as a consumer watchdog. As Chair of the legislature’s Banking Committee, Bob worked to safeguard Connecticut homeowners from the ravages of predatory lending by creating a package of first-in-the-nation reforms to reduce the number of home foreclosures in the state. Bob’s consumer advocacy continued as he went on to Chair the Energy and Technology Committee. As Chair, Bob championed two pieces of major energy legislation which taken together implement a new comprehensive energy strategy for Connecticut, restructuring support for renewable sources of electricity to provide for cheaper, cleaner and more reliable energy for consumers and businesses.

Under Bob’s tenure as Majority Leader, the Senate Democratic caucus has achieved numerous legislative victories. Most recently, the Senate Democratic caucus passed legislation standing up for DREAMers, rewriting the state education funding formula, the National Popular Vote, net neutrality, data privacy, health care access, gun safety, paid family medical leave, LGBTQ rights and equal pay for equal work.

Elena Parent

NewDEAL Leader & State Senator, GA

Elena is a State Senator, attorney, and progressive champion. First elected in 2010 as one of 12 Democrats in the nation to unseat a Republican incumbent, Elena focused her efforts in her first term on government transparency and ethics, including independent redistricting. Elected to the State Senate in 2014, Elena has focused on improving access to early childhood education and health care, promoting common-sense gun safety measures, and defeating job-killing and discriminatory “religious freedom” legislation. She has also continued her work toward an independent redistricting commission for Georgia.

Elena passed a bill that would close a loophole that allowed severely mentally ill Georgians to acquire guns and is also working toward keeping guns away from those committed of domestic violence. She played a key role in passing Georgia’s Pursuing Justice for Rape Victims Act in 2016. In 2019, she passed CJ’s Law to provide further justice for victims seriously injured in hit-and-run accidents. She continues to lead the state’s fight for portable benefits for gig and other non-traditional workers through a study committee and legislation. In 2018, Elena was elected Vice Chair of Campaigns and Fundraising to the Georgia Senate Democratic Caucus, which allows her the opportunity to recruit and raise money for progressive candidates in Georgia. She is currently serving as NewDEAL’s Education Policy Co-Chair alongside Mayor Christopher Cabaldon.

Victoria Brown

Deputy Chief of Staff, United States Department of Housing and Urban Development

Victoria Brown brings a strong commitment to the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s mission to the role of Deputy Chief of Staff, having focused her career on building more equitable and inclusive communities. Prior to serving in this capacity, she was a Senior Director with Enterprise Community Partners. She has previously served the federal government as a Senior Advisor in the Obama Administration’s White House Domestic Policy Council and in various roles within the Federal Housing Administration within HUD, expanding access to affordable housing and opportunity for HUD-assisted households. She began her federal career as a Presidential Management Fellow. Victoria has an M.P.P. from University of California, Berkeley and a B.A. in Politics and a Certificate in African American Studies from Princeton University.

Raul Campillo

NewDEAL Leader & City Councilmember, San Diego, CA

Raul Armando Campillo was born in San Diego and raised in El Cajon, CA. After college, Raul worked as a fifth-grade public school teacher in one of the country’s poorest school districts in North Las Vegas, NV. After earning a Master’s Degree in Education, Raul left teaching to pursue a career in law. After several years practicing complex litigation and conducting white-collar criminal investigations, Raul returned to public service here at home with the San Diego City Attorney’s Office. Raul principally prosecuted DUIs, helped find diversion programs and therapy for individuals suffering from drug addiction, and worked in the Gun Violence Response Unit, taking firearms out of the hands of people who pose a threat to themselves or their community. Raul was elected to a 4-year term on the San Diego City Council on November 3, 2020.

Bringing his legal experience and attention to detail to every decision, Raul is dedicated to ensuring the people in the Seventh Council District are well served at City Hall. Raul believes that the City must provide a strong economic environment for families to be able to afford living in San Diego, to provide their children with opportunities, and to build social cohesion across diverse communities. Because District 7 is centrally located with opportunities for commerce, housing, transit, and education, Raul sees great progress with proper planning for additional housing, investment in infrastructure and child care, and protecting our natural resources like the San Diego River and Mission Trails Regional Park. Raul also brings his expertise as a prosecutor to the task of implementing smart and effective changes to policing.

Solomon Greene

Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy Development and Research, United States Department of Housing and Urban Development

Solomon Greene leads HUD’s Office of Policy Development and Research, which informs policy development and implementation to improve life in American communities through conducting, supporting, and sharing research, surveys, demonstrations, program evaluations, and best practices.

Mr. Greene has dedicated his career to improving people’s lives and strengthening communities through evidence-based and community-driven housing and urban development policies. Prior to joining HUD, Mr. Greene held leadership positions in research institutions, affordable housing and community development organizations, local and federal governments, and philanthropy. For over seven years, he was a senior fellow at the Urban Institute, where he led research on fair and affordable housing, land use, technology and inclusive growth and recovery in cities. Before joining the Urban Institute, Greene served a senior adviser at HUD, where he helped develop policies to reduce segregation and expand neighborhood choice and he served as HUD’s principal adviser on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Mr. Greene has also served as a senior program officer at the Open Society Foundations, an adjunct professor at NYU Wagner Graduate School of Public Service, a law fellow at NYU Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy, a litigation associate at Munger, Tolles & Olson, and a law clerk on the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. He served on the board of directors for the National Housing Law Project, the American Bar Association COVID-19 Task Force Committee on Evictions, and the advisory board for Up for Growth. Mr. Greene received his BA from Stanford University, his MCP from the University of California, Berkeley, and his JD from Yale Law School. He grew up in Ulster County, New York and currently lives in Washington DC.

Michael Hancock

NewDEAL Leader & Mayor, Denver, CO

Michael B. Hancock is Denver’s 45th mayor. During his time in office, Mayor Hancock and his administration have eliminated the city’s budget deficit, fostered a diverse economy and restored much needed services that were lost during the recession. With a drive toward increasing opportunity for every resident, he has prioritized innovative solutions to investing in the city’s children and youth; increasing mobility options, affordable housing and services for the homeless; supporting economic mobility, entrepreneurs and small businesses; and making government work smarter for residents.

Prior to becoming Mayor, Michael Hancock served on the Denver City Council for eight years, including two as City Council President. In his early career, he worked for the Denver Housing Authority and National Civic League, and was the youngest President of an Urban League chapter in America.

Resource Equity in School and Student Outcomes: Maryland Case Study

Enrique Chaurand

Vice President of Communications and Marketing, All4Ed

With over 25 years of communications, public relations, crisis communications, speechwriting, and management experience, Enrique is currently the Vice President of Communications and Marketing and All4Ed in Washington, DC.   

He began his career as a journalist covering local issues and local politics with the Mesa Tribune in Phoenix Arizona, and the Kansas City Star. He then moved on to work for the Clinton Administration, where he served as a Public Affairs Specialist at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, then moving on to serve as the Deputy Press Secretary for the U.S. Department of Labor in Washington, D.C.   

After his time in Washington, D.C., he went to work for the international public relations firm Fleishman-Hillard in Kansas City where he was a member of their public affairs and crisis communications teams. Later he went to work for Missouri Governor Bob Holden, where he was the Director of western Missouri operations and lead the Governor’s policy work on issues impacting Latino and African American communities across the state. He was also instrumental in reinstituting the Governor’s Council on Latino Affairs and helped to institute Latino Day in the Capital. After leaving the Governor’s office, Enrique started his own public affairs firm where he counseled state and local governments on policy and communications issues. 

Enrique returned to Washington, D.C. to serve in the Obama Administration as the Director of Speechwriting and Public Affairs for former U.S. Labor Secretary Hilda Solis. After serving in the first term of the Obama Administration, he then moved to UnidosUS – formerly the National Council of La Raza – to lead their communications and marketing departments, highlighting and advocating policies that impacted Latino communities across the country.  Most recently, Enrique was consulting for a cadre of organizations that included the UnidosUS Action Fund, the City of Kansas City, Missouri, Montgomery County of Maryland, and Mid-America Regional Council. 

Bill Ferguson

NewDEAL Leader & State Senator, MD

Senator Ferguson, was elected to the Maryland State Senate in 2010 to represent Maryland’s 46th Legislative District.  He first served on the Education, Health and Environmental Affairs Committee before moving to the Budget and Taxation Committee, where he became Vice-Chair of the committee and Chair of the Education, Business, and Administration Subcommittee. In January 2020, his colleagues unanimously elected him to serve as President of the Maryland Senate, making him the second youngest Senate President in Maryland history. As Senate President, Bill ensures that he looks out for the needs of all Marylanders and the critical issues facing our state.

Bill is serving his third term as State Senator for Maryland’s 46th Legislative District. The 46th Legislative District is located entirely within Baltimore City, including neighborhoods in south Baltimore, downtown near and around the Inner Harbor, and southeast Baltimore.

A lifelong Maryland resident, Bill made Baltimore City his home when he joined Teach for America after graduating from Davidson College with a double major in political science and economics. From 2005 to 2007, Bill taught U.S. history and U.S. government to ninth and tenth graders in a breakout academy of one of Baltimore’s most challenged high schools. Bill earned his Master’s degree in Teaching from the Johns Hopkins School of Education in 2007.

The inequities of the public education system in Baltimore City led Bill to engage more deeply within the community outside of the schoolhouse. After teaching, Bill worked as a community liaison for the Baltimore City Council President’s Office; earned a law degree from the University of Maryland Carey School of Law; and served as the Special Assistant to Dr. Andres Alonso, former CEO of the Baltimore City Public Schools. Through these pursuits, Bill continually drew from his classroom experiences to find ways to bring new resources and greater attention to the city’s educational achievement gap.

Senator Ferguson is married to fellow Teach for America alum Lea Ferguson (Baltimore City, ’05). The Ferguson live in Patterson Park with their son, Caleb, and daughter, Cora.

Brooke Lierman

NewDEAL Leader & State Comptroller-Elect, MD

Brooke Lierman is an effective and passionate advocate in the Maryland General Assembly and a modern-day juggler: she is a mother of two, a wife, a state legislator, and a disability rights and civil rights attorney. Brooke was elected to represent Maryland’s 46th Legislative District in the House of Delegates in 2014. She spent her first five years on the House Appropriations Committee. In 2019, Brooke was awarded a leadership position by the new Speaker, Adrienne Jones, on the Environment & Transportation Committee. This committee oversees all policies related to the environment, transportation, housing, land use, ethics, and more.

Currently in her second term, Brooke has earned a reputation as an effective advocate and skilled legislator who works tirelessly on behalf of her constituents and on a variety of issues that get at the root causes of poverty and inequity in Baltimore, including education, transit, and environmental and social justice. Brooke has successfully passed legislation to invest in and improve public transit; fund evidence-based gun violence prevention programs; end cash bail; eliminate sex trafficking in Maryland and aid victims; stem the school-to-prison pipeline by prohibiting suspensions and expulsions of pre K-2nd graders in Maryland public school; close loopholes in our family & paid leave laws; increase access to financial aid for undocumented immigrants; tackle housing discrimination; and so much more. Notably, in 2019 she passed the nation’s first statewide ban on foam food containers.

Outside of the legislative session, Brooke maintains an active presence in her neighborhoods – visiting schools, meeting with business leaders, and acting as a convener and networker for communities and organizations.

Democracy & the Media: Impact of Trends in Journalism

Ben Allen

NewDEAL Leader & State Senator, CA

Senator Ben Allen was elected in 2014 (and reelected in 2018) to represent the 1 million residents of California’s 26th Senate District covering the Westside, Hollywood and coastal South Bay communities of Los Angeles County. Senator Allen has thrown himself into the important work of state government, focusing on wise decision-making and pushing for reforms that address systemic inadequacies in our state. He has authored important laws in a variety of areas, from environmental protection to electoral reform, and chairs the Legislature’s Environmental Quality Committee, the Legislature’s Joint Committee on the Arts, and the Senate Select Committee on Aerospace and Defense.

Allen played a pivotal role in efforts to ensure that public transit construction would receive a substantial component of the recent statewide transportation gas tax funds and has been a leader in efforts to ensure that transit projects received expedited environmental reviews. He has championed the important Los Angeles industries of aerospace, tourism, arts, and entertainment, playing an important role in the state’s recent extension of the television and film production tax credit that has spurred economic growth around the state by encouraging production to come home to California.

Linda Douglass

Political Journalist & Former Director of Communications, White House Office of Health Reform

Linda Douglass was an award-winning political journalist for 34 years.  She served as Chief Capitol Hill Correspondent for ABC News, a political correspondent for CBS News in Washington and the chief political correspondent for KNBC and KCBS, Los Angeles, over her long career in news.  She covered 6 presidential campaigns. 

In 2008, Douglass left journalism to work for Barack Obama, first as a traveling spokesperson in his 2008 presidential campaign and, later, as the Director of Communications in the White House Office of Health Reform.  Following passage of the Affordable Care Act, she joined Atlantic Media as the Senior Vice President for Global Communications. In 2015, she became the Global Head of Communications for Bloomberg News and Media.  She is currently a communications consultant, advising clients on strategy, organization and crisis management. 

Amy Mitchell

Former Director, Journalism Research, Pew Research Center

In her 25 years at the Center, Amy led efforts to create groundbreaking research on the changing landscape of news, including the impact of new technologies, political polarization and changes in the news industry .

She developed partnerships with outside organizations such as The Knight Foundation and Google to engage in cutting edge research and expand their data resources.

She is proud to have been a part of an organization known for the highest standards of research integrity and to have helped lead a high performing team that has been able to adapt to a rapidly evolving research and industries.

Her passion to bring creative data-based ways of shedding light on major issues and challenges facing society today. This often involves developing cutting edge research across many methodologies to inform public discourse and decision-makers on some of the most challenging issues of the day. Amy enjoys presenting the results of research and analysis to a wide range of organizations. This has included The White House, The Smithsonian Institution, European Union Counselors, The U.S. Defense Department, The Vatican, as well as many ambassadors and foreign dignitaries. She has been involved in numerous projects and programs that required the development of new research methods such as topic modeling, API scraping and digital diary surveying.

Reid Wilson

Founder & Editor, Pluribus News

Reid Wilson is the founder and editor of Pluribus News, the nation’s only independent outlet dedicated to covering state legislatures. Reid has covered legislatures for a decade, at The Washington Post and The Hill newspaper. Previously, he served as editor in chief of National Journal’s The Hotline. He is the author of Epidemic: Ebola and the global scramble to prevent the next killer outbreak, and a former adjunct professor at The George Washington University’s Graduate School of Political Management. Comedy Central once named Reid the “Greatest Political Mind of Our Time,” and he has the trophy to prove it.

Defending Democracy: Lessons from the 2022 Elections

Jocelyn Benson

NewDEAL Leader & Secretary of State, MI

Jocelyn Benson is Michigan’s 43rd Secretary of State. In this role she is focused on ensuring elections are secure and accessible, and dramatically improving customer experiences for all who interact with our offices.

Benson is the author of State Secretaries of State: Guardians of the Democratic Process, the first major book on the role of the secretary of state in enforcing election and campaign finance laws. She is also the Chair of Michigan’s Task Force on Women in Sports, created by Governor Whitmer in 2019 to advance opportunities for women in Michigan as athletes and sports leaders.

A graduate of Harvard Law School and expert on civil rights law, education law and election law, Benson served as dean of Wayne State University Law School in Detroit. When she was appointed dean at age 36, she became the youngest woman in U.S. history to lead a top-100, accredited law school. She continues to serve as vice chair of the advisory board for the Levin Center at Wayne Law, which she founded with former U.S. Sen. Carl Levin. Previously, Benson was an associate professor and associate director of Wayne Law’s Damon J. Keith Center for Civil Rights.

Adrian Fontes

NewDEAL Leader & Arizona Secretary of State-elect

Adrian is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, having served on active duty from 1992 to 1996, and was nominated for a meritorious commission.

His service to our country taught him the importance of dedication, discipline, and sacrifice to forcefully fight for the American dream. After leaving active duty, Adrian received his Bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University before continuing on to the Sturm College of Law at the University of Denver.

Since graduating from law school, Adrian has spent his career advocating for justice and fighting for those who are disadvantaged — first as a prosecutor with the Denver District Attorney and then for the Maricopa County Attorney’s office and the Arizona Attorney General’s office before entering private practice.

As County Recorder, he has worked to bring a renewed energy and vision to the office, with the goal of rebuilding public trust in the election system in Maricopa County. He has focused on the voters’ experience, accountability, and security. Adrian will continue to work to make sure that every Maricopa County citizen who is eligible to vote is able to vote, whether at their kitchen table completing their early ballot or at the booth on Election Day — and that all of their ballots are counted.

Joe Goldman

President, The Democracy Fund

Joe Goldman is the President of the Democracy Fund, an independent foundation that champions the leaders who fight for an inclusive multi-racial democracy. Joe also serves on the board of directors of Democracy Fund.

Joe incubated Democracy Fund inside Pierre and Pam Omidyar’s philanthropic investment firm – Omidyar Network – where he was an Investment Director for three years. He then launched Democracy Fund as a private foundation in 2014, along-side Democracy Fund Voice, a sister 501c4 organization for which he also serves as president. Since its inception, Democracy Fund has invested more than $200 million to support organizations that are working to create a more vibrant and diverse public square, free and fair elections, effective and accountable government, and a just and inclusive society. 

Prior to working in philanthropy, Joe spent more than a decade organizing and facilitating large-scale public deliberations across the country, including the United New Orleans Planning Process after Hurricane Katrina and the redevelopment of the World Trade Center site after 9/11.

Joe also serves on the Board of Directors of the US Climate Action Network. He was a Public Service Fellow at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, where he received a master’s degree in public policy. Joe graduated with honors in political science from Vassar College.

Josh Maxwell

NewDEALer & County Commissioner, Chester County, PA

Josh began his term as Chester County Commissioner in January 2020 and is currently Vice-Chair. Josh has worked to preserve the environment and fight climate change. In his efforts to support green energy across the county, Josh worked to adopt the county’s new Climate Action Plan and to activate a clean energy financing program for commercial property owners (C-PACE). Josh also worked to secure an additional $4.2 million in open space preservation and park improvement grants for Chester County municipalities. As part of his work on behalf of the environment, Josh has promoted and worked to extend the circuit trails in the area to increase multi-modal mobility.

Within County Government, Josh has helped spearhead the efforts to implement the county’s new Priority Based Budgeting process that ensures the County budget reflects the values of the community, builds community connections, and is outcome driven. Josh also created the first employee group to recommend policies and actions to the Commissioners regarding Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, and led efforts to implement the first ever Ethics Policy in Chester County.

Josh extends his efforts beyond Chester County through his involvement in the Southern PA Business and County Partnership. Serving as Co-Chair, Josh works to bring together businesses and leaders representing Bucks, Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery Counties, and the City of Philadelphia to advance programs that will attract public and private investment, retain and develop workforce, enhance the region’s quality of life, and support infrastructure priorities.

As Commissioner, Josh is committed to supporting Chester County residents through volunteer efforts. Partnering with the Chester County Community Foundation, Josh participated in the 2021 New York City Marathon to raise funds and awareness for suicide prevention efforts led by The Chester County Suicide Prevention Task Force. Additionally, Josh served on the Chester County United Way COVID Task Force that offered crucial support throughout the COVID health crisis, awarding 132 grants to 91 organizations, and immediate financial support to over 300 individuals and families.

Rebuilding Back Better: Effectively Utilizing Federal Funding

Shaun Donovan

Senior Fellow, Ford Foundation

Shaun Donovan has dedicated his life to public service focused on building opportunity and fighting for people and communities too often left behind.

In August 2022, Donovan joined the Ford Foundation as a Senior Fellow where he is working with the Biden Administration and partners across the country to build community capacity to ensure the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law reaches its transformative potential, especially in historically disadvantaged communities. Donovan also joined the World Resources Institute as a Senior Fellow where he is working with international humanitarian organizations to incorporate climate resilience into their work.

In December of 2020, Donovan launched an ideas-driven campaign for Mayor of New York, his hometown. During that time, he also worked with residents and community organizations in New York City to deliver restaurant meals to families affected by COVID, to revitalize public housing, and to make sure every New Yorker was counted in the 2020 Census.

From July 2014 to January 2017, Donovan served as the 40th Director of the U.S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB) under President Obama. At OMB, Donovan increased investment in key domestic and national security priorities that grew the economy, protected our country and increased opportunity. And he oversaw regulations that increased innovation, protected health, improved education, and fought climate change.

From January 2009 to July 2014, Donovan was the 15th Secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, where he led the fight against the nation’s unprecedented foreclosure crisis. Under his leadership, HUD helped families rent or buy affordable homes, revitalized distressed communities, fought discrimination, and dramatically reduced homelessness. Donovan also served as Chair of the President’s Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Task Force, leaving a stronger, more resilient region than before the storm hit. 

Prior to joining the Obama Administration, Donovan served as Commissioner of the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development. He also served in the Clinton administration as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Multifamily Housing at HUD and as acting FHA Commissioner during the Clinton/Bush presidential transition.

Mitch Landrieu

Senior Advisor to the President of the United States & Infrastructure Implementation Coordinator

Mitch Landrieu is Senior Advisor to the President and Infrastructure Implementation Coordinator. Landrieu served as the 61st Mayor of New Orleans (2010–2018). When he took office, the city was still recovering from Hurricane Katrina and in the midst of the BP Oil Spill.

Under Landrieu’s leadership, New Orleans is widely recognized as one of the nation’s great comeback stories. In 2015, Landrieu was named “Public Official of the Year” by Governing, and in 2016 was voted “America’s top turnaround mayor” in a Politico survey of mayors. He also served as President of the U.S. Conference of Mayors.

Landrieu gained national prominence for his powerful decision to take down four Confederate monuments in New Orleans, which also earned him the prestigious John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award. In his book, In the Shadow of Statues: A White Southerner Confronts History, Landrieu recounts his personal journey confronting the issue of race and institutional racism that still plagues America.

In 2018, he launched E Pluribus Unum, an initiative in the South created to fulfill America’s promise of justice and opportunity for all by breaking down the barriers that divide us by race and class. Prior to serving as Mayor, Landrieu served two terms as lieutenant governor and 16 years in the state legislature. He and his wife Cheryl live in New Orleans, where they raised their five children.

Quinton Lucas

NewDEAL Leader & Mayor, Kansas City, MO

Quinton Lucas, “Mayor Q,” was sworn in as the 55th mayor of Kansas City on August 1, 2019. Prior to being the current Mayor, Lucas was elected to the City Council of Kansas City in June of 2015. As mayor, Quinton has prioritized making Kansas City’s neighborhoods safer, creating more accessible and affordable housing and public transportation, fostering a healthier community, and improving basic services. Quinton created and chaired the City’s Special Committee on Housing Policy.

Since 2012, Quinton has been a member of the University of Kansas Law School faculty, where he served as one of the youngest tenure-track law professors in the country. He is active in the Kansas City community and volunteers extensively in area schools and organizations, including providing mentorship in local prisons. Born and raised in Kansas City, Quinton has spent most of his life in the city’s urban core. As a child, he moved often and experienced homelessness, sometimes staying with family or friends, or residing in a motel. Despite these challenges, Quinton remained focused on his schoolwork, earning academic scholarships to high school, college, and Cornell Law School before returning home to Kansas City.

Andi Phillips

Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Maycomb Capital

Andi Phillips is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Maycomb Capital, a pioneering impact investing platform. At Maycomb Capital, Ms. Phillips leads the Community Outcomes Fund, one of the firm’s two flagship funds and the largest outcomes financing fund in the United States. The Community Outcomes Fund invests in next-generation public private partnerships that scale high-quality human service programs for low-income communities. Ms. Phillips also develops and leads Custom Strategies at Maycomb that enable investors to deploy flexible, mission-aligned capital aimed at addressing specific social issues, target populations, and/or geographies.  

Ms. Phillips is a recognized leader in the field of impact investing, with over 30 years of experience leading, designing and implementing large scale, public private partnerships that leverage private investment to address pressing social challenges. She has deep expertise in deploying flexible, mission-aligned debt that supports projects and enterprises that drive better access to economic opportunity for individuals and families experiencing poverty. Prior to Maycomb, she was Head of the Goldman Sachs’s Social Impact Fund. While at Goldman, she also led the first outcomes-based financing transactions in the U.S. market—and the first ever executed by a major financial institution—including investments in social programs to reduce recidivism and improve results in early childhood education.  

Previously, Ms. Phillips was president of Seedco Financial, a Community Development Financing Institution, which provided affordable capital to small businesses and nonprofits in disadvantaged communities. At Seedco, she also managed performance-based contracts in workforce development, totaling over $100 million. 

Ms. Phillips holds a BA from Tufts University and an MPP from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. She lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband and three sons.

Tobias Read

NewDEAL Leader & State Treasurer, OR

Treasurer Tobias Read understands that financial empowerment, wise investments, and sound management are foundational to the quality of life and economic opportunities for Oregonians, and key for the long-term vitality of our state. In 2015, he was a chief sponsor of the Oregon Retirement Savings Plan, which is the first operating state-sponsored retirement program; it launched in mid-2017.

Prior to his election as Oregon’s 29th State Treasurer, Tobias had served for a decade in the Oregon House of Representatives, where he championed legislation to invest in public education, improve state financial management, finance critical infrastructure improvements, and help Oregonians save for a more secure future. He has also worked in the U.S. Treasury and as a liaison between designers, engineers, and manufacturing units for Nike Inc.

Friday Breakout Sessions

Loranne Ausley

NewDEAL Leader & Former State Senator, Tallahassee, FL

An Ironman triathlete, a mom, a legislator, Loranne Ausley brings the passion and commitment of a world class triathlete to her public service on behalf of her community. Whether it is running a marathon or working for children in need, Loranne is tireless in her pursuit to help those who need it most.

Throughout her career, Loranne has become known across the state of Florida as a Champion for all of Florida’s children. She has been their advocate both in the Florida legislature and nationwide, because Loranne believes that every child deserves the best chance of success regardless of their zip code. And she is the voice for the disability community in the legislature; passing legislation that makes a real positive impact on the lives of people with disabilities and their families.

From leading the effort to create Whole Child Leon to her current leadership to bring Purpose Built Communities to Tallahassee, Loranne has always been focused on solutions to real problems that directly help children and families. And she has been a leader on the big issues facing our state, guarding and supporting traditional public education and our public-school teachers and support personnel, investing in early learning, making health care more affordable and accessible, particularly for our rural communities, and protecting our land and water.

She is a nationally recognized public policy leader who has been able to bring the best ideas from around the state and nation and make them work for North Florida. Whether it is the future of work, opportunity zones, helping the disabled enter the workforce or saving the forestry industry, she never stops thinking about what is next and what can make our community in North Florida stronger for every family.

Molly Gray

NewDEAL Leader & Lieutenant Governor, VT

On January 7th, 2021 Molly Gray was sworn in as Vermont’s 82nd Lieutenant Governor. Lt. Governor Gray was born and raised on a vegetable and dairy farm in Newbury, Vermont, which her family continues to operate today. Following her graduation from the University of Vermont, where she competed as a division I cross-country skier, she moved to Washington to serve as a Congressional aide to Representative Peter Welch.

Her commitment to service led her to the International Committee of the Red Cross, where she managed relations with the U.S. Congress and led field missions into conflict zones around the world. She later returned home to attend Vermont Law School and served as a law clerk to Vermont’s judge to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, the late Honorable Peter W. Hall. Molly went on to support the U.S. Government and international partners in launching the International Code of Conduct Association, working to launch the Association’s human rights monitoring program and lead human rights monitoring missions in East Africa, Nigeria, and Iraq.

Before taking office, Molly served Vermont as an Assistant Attorney General in Vermont’s criminal division and taught night classes on human rights law at Vermont Law School. Molly is only the fourth woman in Vermont’s history to serve as Lieutenant Governor.

Hunter Pieklik

National Partnerships Manager, EducationSuperHighway

As the National Partnerships Manager, Hunter is a part of the Apartment Wi-Fi team responsible for cultivating and developing relationships with organizations that will enable our Apartment Wi-Fi program to expand and succeed on a national level.

Prior to joining EducationSuperHighway, Hunter was the Senior Director – Xfinity Communities (Comcast) in the Mid-Atlantic Region. She was responsible for the creation of the Regions “New Build” program designed to ensure on-time delivery of services in all New Build Multi-Dwelling Units (MDU). Her team was also responsible for negotiating contracts for new and existing MDU properties and promoting property-wide Managed Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi Ready solutions to meet the growing needs of property owners. Prior to Comcast, Hunter spent over 20 years in telecommunications leading sales and engineering teams responsible for assisting businesses in the design and implementation of wide-area voice and data solutions across the country.

Scott Quinn

Director of Government Affairs & Policy, EducationSuperHighway

As Director of Government Affairs and Policy, Scott leads EducationSuperHighway’s federal policy and advocacy and works with the White House, FCC, NTIA, USAC, Congress, and others to advance legislation and policies that work to close the digital divide and broadband affordability gap. In addition, Scott leads the No Home Left Offline Coalition, a coalition of over 30 national nonprofit organizations representing multiple sectors including housing, education, healthcare, broadband, civil rights, that are committed to advocating for equitable policies that ensure that no home is left offline. 

Prior to joining EducationSuperHighway, Scott led KIPP Foundation’s K-12 federal policy, advocacy, and coalition building with Congressional offices and education institutions focused on improving outcomes and opportunities for K-12 public school students. Scott also managed an array of programs focused on elevating the voices of historically under-represented communities through civic participation, including the KIPP Federal Policy Fellowship and KIPPVotes. A native South Carolinian, Scott attended The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education.

Josh Boschee

NewDEAL Leader & State Representative, Fargo, ND

Rep. Boschee was first elected to the North Dakota House of Representatives in 2012 and has been soundly re-elected in 2016 and 2020. He has served as the House Minority Leader since 2019 and continues to be a leader in the Legislature that is willing to listen and partner with stakeholders to move North Dakota forward.

As a member of the super minority, he has worked tirelessly to ensure North Dakota is a state that is welcoming of all people. Whether that’s through advocating for a fully, inclusive statewide nondiscrimination policy or funding adequate, quality childcare. Thanks to the significant financial resources North Dakota has available, Rep. Boschee is a firm believer that his state can be the first to eradicate poverty and lift all North Dakotans into strong economic security.

Rudra Kapila

Senior Policy Advisor, Carbon Management, Climate and Energy Program, Third Way

Dr. Kapila is the Senior Policy Advisor for Carbon Management at Third Way’s Climate and Energy Program, advocating for policies to put the United States on the fastest and fairest path to net-zero emissions by 2050. Previously, she led the Climate Change Working Group at Women of Color Advancing Peace and Security (WCAPS), a non-profit organization committed to promoting diverse perspectives within US foreign policy and national security. She earned her doctorate from the University of Edinburgh, focusing on the development of Carbon Management technologies and their prospects in the Global South through technology transfer and international climate frameworks.

Frances Wang

Carbon Dioxide Removal Program Manager, ClimateWorks Foundation

As the Program Manager for Carbon Dioxide Removal at ClimateWorks Foundation, Frances leads the strategy and grantmaking to remove excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and the ocean using catalytic innovations and policy. She champions interdisciplinary environmental research focusing on action-oriented solutions. At McGill University, she designed innovative monitoring and evaluation frameworks for climate adaptation stocktake. She also worked as part of the Oxford University Low-Carbon Futures Program and on green growth strategies at the United Nations Environment Program in Switzerland. In her spare time, Frances serves as a guest lecturer to the University of California, Santa Cruz’s Blue Pioneers Program, and provides mentorship to the next generation of youth leaders at Oxford University. She is the author of multiple academic and U.N. flagship publications. Frances holds an M.Sc. in Environmental Change and Management from Oxford University and a B.A. in Economics from McGill University.

Arielle D’Souza

Endless Frontier Fellow, Institute for Progress

Previously, Arielle has collaborated on the Environment of Misinformation project at the Center for Health Security and has worked on foreign and defense policy in the U.S. Senate and implementation with the State Department’s Afghanistan Counternarcotics team. She has also supported national, state wide, and local level political campaigns.

She received her MSc in Global Health Sciences and Epidemiology from the University of Oxford and a BA in Biological Sciences and Government from Smith College.

Gigi Kwik Gronvall

Senior Scholar & Associate Professor, Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security

Dr. Gronvall is a Senior Scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security and an Associate  Professor in the Department of Environmental Health and Engineering at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg  School of Public Health. She is an immunologist by training. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, she has led the Center’s ongoing efforts to track the development and  marketing of molecular and antigen tests and serology tests, as well as the development of national  strategies for COVID-19 serology (antibody) tests and SARS-CoV-2 serosurveys in the United States.  She also has written about the scientific response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the contested origin of  SARS-CoV-2, and the implications for national and international security. 

Dr. Gronvall is the author of Synthetic Biology: Safety, Security, and Promise. In the book, she describes  what can be done to minimize technical and social risks and maximize the benefits of synthetic biology,  focusing on biosecurity, biosafety, ethics, and US national competitiveness—important sectors of  national security. Dr. Gronvall is also the author of Preparing for Bioterrorism: The Alfred P. Sloan  Foundation’s Leadership in Biosecurity. Through her description of major grants that represented the  foundation’s investments in civilian preparedness, public health law, law enforcement, air filtering in  buildings, influenza preparedness, and business preparedness, she constructed, for a nontechnical  audience, a chronicle of early gains in US efforts to confront the threat of bioterrorism. 

Dr. Gronvall is a member of the Novel and Exceptional Technology and Research Advisory Committee,  which provides recommendations to the Director of the National Institutes of Health and is a public  forum for the discussion of the scientific, safety, and ethical issues associated with emerging  biotechnologies. From 2010 to 2020, Dr. Gronvall was a member of the Threat Reduction Advisory  Committee, which provided the Secretary of Defense with independent advice and recommendations on  reducing the risk to the United States, its military forces, and its allies and partners posed by nuclear,  biological, chemical, and conventional threats. During 2014-2015, she led a preparatory group that  examined the US government response to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa as a case study for the  Department of Defense’s strategic role in health security and made recommendations for future  Department of Defense actions in response to disease outbreaks. She served as the Science Advisor for  the Commission on the Prevention of Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferation and Terrorism from  April 2009 until the Commission ended in February 2010. She has testified before Congress about the safety and security of high-containment biological laboratories in the United States and served on several  task forces related to laboratory and pathogen security. Dr. Gronvall has investigated and presented  policy recommendations on the governance of science to the Biological Weapons Convention in Geneva,  Switzerland. 

In addition to being a life member of the Council on Foreign Relations, Dr. Gronvall is an Associate  Editor of the journal Health Security (formerly Biosecurity and Bioterrorism). She is a founding member  of the Center. Prior to joining the faculty, she worked at the Johns Hopkins University Center for Civilian  Biodefense Strategies. She was a National Research Council Postdoctoral Associate at the US Army  Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases in Fort Detrick, Maryland. 

Dr. Gronvall received a PhD from Johns Hopkins University for work on T-cell receptor/MHC I  interactions and worked as a protein chemist at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. She  received a BS in biology from Indiana University, Bloomington.

Matt Meyer

NewDEALer & New Castle County Executive, DE

In 2020, when COVID-19 threatened the health and safety of Delawareans, Meyer led efforts that resulted in Delaware being the first state in the country to offer open, free COVID-19 saliva tests, having provided nearly 300,000 tests to date. New Castle County monitored sewers to identify COVID-19 hotspots quickly and implemented programs to get high speed wifi access to the hardest to reach communities. In two weeks, New Castle County created the largest full-service homeless shelter in state history, converting a 192 room three star hotel into the NCC Hope Center in order to provide dignity and comprehensive services to the most vulnerable Delawareans.

The Meyer Administration also eliminated wasteful spending and streamlined government expenditures, creating a rapid response JobsNow program that facilitated development projects with over 12,000 jobs. He launched NCC innovates, the most extensive effort to start and grow small business in county history and created GreeNCC, an ambitious agenda to address climate change, preserve open space, bikeable-walkable trails and clean water. His Vacant Spaces to Livable Places initiative rapidly reduced the number of vacant delinquent residential properties by more than 30% while generating millions of dollars of new revenue for schools. His community policing initiatives, Hero Help and the Police Mental Health Alliance, have diverted over 500 individuals facing substance abuse and mental illness from incarceration into treatment.

Ben Allen

State Senator, Los Angeles, CA

Dave Aronberg

State Attorney, West Palm Beach, FL

Loranne Ausley

Former State Senator, Tallahassee, FL

Sydney Batch

State Senator, Raleigh, NC

Josh Becker

Senator, San Jose, CA

Elizabeth Bennett-Parker

Delegate, Alexandria, VA

Jocelyn Benson

Secretary of State, MI

Jeff Bridges

State Senator, CO

Winnie Brinks

State Senator, Grand Rapids, MI

Josh Boschee

State Representative, Fargo, ND

Janelle Bynum

Representative, Clackamas, OR

Raul Campillo

Councilmember, San Diego, CA

Laura Capps

School Board Member, Santa Barbara, CA

Jay Chaudhuri

State Senator, Raleigh, NC

Ashton Wheeler Clemmons

State Representative, Greensboro, NC

Paige Gebhardt Cognetti

Mayor, Scranton, PA

Ryan Coonerty

County Supervisor, Santa Cruz County, CA

Molly Cowan

Select Board Vice Chair, Exeter, NH

Joyce Craig

Mayor, Manchester, NH

Kerry Donovan

State Senator, Vail, CO

Bob Duff

Senate Majority Leader, Norwalk, CT

Sarah Elfreth

State Senator, Anne Arundel County, MD

Amir Farokhi

City Councilmember, Atlanta, GA

Kate Farrar

State Representative, West Hartford, CT

Bill Ferguson

Senator, Baltimore, MD

Adrian Fontes

Secretary of State-elect, AZ

Melisa Franzen

State Senator, Edina, MN

Mike Frerichs

Treasurer, IL

Leirion Gaylor Baird

Mayor, Lincoln, NE

Molly Gray

Lieutenant Governor, VT

Michael Hancock

Mayor, Denver, CO

Christine Hunschofsky

State Representative, Parkland, FL

Lee Harris

County Mayor, Shelby County, TN

Scott Holcomb

State Representative, Atlanta, GA

William Jawando

County Councilmember, Montgomery County, MD

Blake Johnson

State Representative, Indianapolis, IN

Zach Klein

City Attorney, Columbus, OH

Rebecca Perkins Kwoka

State Senator, Rockingham, NH

Eric Lesser

State Senator, Longmeadow, MA

Jazz Lewis

Delegate, Prince George’s County, MD

Brooke Lierman

Comptroller-elect, Baltimore, MD

Brandon Lofton

State Representative, Charlotte, NC

Quinton Lucas

Mayor, Kansas City, MO

Natalia Macker

County Commissioner, Teton County, WY

Jesica Mackey

Councilmember, Richland County, SC

Josh Maxwell

County Commissioner, Chester County, PA

Matt Meyer

County Executive, New Castle County, DE

Jon Mitchell

Mayor, New Bedford, MA

Cristin McCarthy Vahey

State Representative, Fairfield, CT

Lauren McLean

Mayor, Boise, ID

Trey Mendez

Mayor, Brownsville, TX

Colin Parent

Councilmember, La Mesa, CA

Elena Parent

State Senator, Atlanta, GA

Timothy Ragland

Mayor, Talladega, AL

Tobias Read

Treasurer, OR

Hans Riemer

County Councilmember, Montgomery County, MD

Ben Schierer

Mayor, Fergus Falls, MN

Erika Strassburger

City Councilmember, Pittsburgh, PA

Anna Tovar

Corporation Commissioner, AR

Clarke Tucker

State Senator, Little Rock, AR

Ashley Vanorny

Councilmember, Cedar Rapids, IA

Zach Wahls

Senator, Coralville, IA

Miro Weinberger

Mayor, Burlington, VT

Brandon Whipple

Mayor, Wichita, KS

Education: College/Career Readiness – New Data Release

As communities continue to grapple with the pandemic’s dual impacts on learning loss and the changing nature of work, policymakers and leaders in the education system have opportunities to make decisions that help students not only catch up but also do so in a way that prepares them for post-secondary education and a career. In this context, our partners at All4Ed, a national organization committed to educational equity, will preview new college and career readiness data for students across the country. Joined by Georgia Senate Democratic Leader Elena Parent, co-chair of the NewDEAL Forum Education Policy Group, as well as Connecticut Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff and Alabama House Minority Leader Anthony Daniels, they will lead a discussion about ways to evaluate student progress and improve outcomes.

Governing Around Emerging Technologies

From virtual currencies to the changing social media landscape to autonomous vehicles on public roads, the acceleration of technological innovations is happening faster than ever. Advancing technology comes with the potential to expand economic growth and prosperity in communities across the country, but also raises new questions and challenges for policymakers to protect users. This session will consider the known and unknown challenges posed by emerging technologies, including how policymakers can strike a balance between regulations to mitigate risks and protect privacy while also encouraging innovation. The discussion will be led by NewDEALers, including Colorado Senator Jeff Bridges and Atlanta, Georgia City Councilmember Amir Farokhi, and Jamie Pascal, Director of Civic Innovation Policy at the Chamber of Progress.

Housing: Affordability Solutions

The pandemic caused major concerns about housing stability at a time when affordable housing shortages already existed throughout the country, making housing one of the top investments made by states and localities with discretionary funds from the American Rescue Plan. Two-and-a-half years later, this session will explore what happened as a result, addressing the current extent of the country’s affordability challenges while also reviewing the impact of the most recent economic trends on the housing market, including inflation, and effective policy solutions at a time of rising rents and interest rates. The discussion will be led by San Diego Councilmember Raul Campillo along with two officials from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy Development and Research Solomon Greene and Deputy Chief of Staff Victoria Brown. Solomon and Victoria will speak specifically about HUD resources, policies, and programs that can help meet NewDEAL Leaders’ needs and ways to strengthen the federal-state-local partnership.

Climate: Carbon Capture

The Biden Administration has approved historic investments to combat climate change, including available funding in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and the Inflation Reduction Act to build community resilience and develop new technologies to combat harmful emissions. This session will focus on the latest technological developments in carbon removal, providing an overview of the technology and evaluating its potential to help the country reach net zero emissions. Breakout leaders will highlight examples of projects around the country and discuss the expected level of investment and policy work needed to scale these efforts, including the opportunities to use new federal funds. The discussion will be led by Rudra Kapila, Senior Policy Advisor on Carbon Management at Third Way; Frances Wang, Carbon Dioxide Removal Program Manager at ClimateWorks Foundation; and North Dakota House Minority Leader Josh Boschee.

Healthcare: Preparing for Future Pandemic Response

During the height of the pandemic, state and local leaders were on the front lines to ensure their communities received the assistance and resources they required, with so many rising to the occasion through persistence and innovation. This discussion will focus on what lessons policymakers at all levels can take away from the COVID-19 response with an eye toward future preparedness. New Castle County, Delaware Executive Matt Meyer, Arielle D’Souza, Institute for Progress, and Gigi Gronvall, Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, will lead a discussion on solutions to better prepare and harden communities to effectively respond to future public health emergencies.

Broadband: Closing the Digital Divide

The digital divide has persisted since the creation of the internet, and the pandemic has exacerbated it, highlighting broadband access as essential for participation in 21st-century society. With the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) setting forth historic funding to close the digital divide, states and localities have an unprecedented opportunity to overcome barriers to access. That means not only building hard infrastructure but also addressing affordability and digital literacy. Join experts from EducationSuperHighway, a leading national non-profit pursuing innovative solutions to close the digital divide, as well as NewDEALers at the forefront of state and local broadband policy, including former Florida Senator Loranne Ausley and Vermont Lieutenant Governor Molly Gray.  They will lead a discussion about how to take full advantage of the infrastructure law, including its Affordable Connectivity Program.