The American Rescue Plan in Action

Tracking the Impact Across America

Signed into law in 2021, the American Rescue Plan Act helped stave off a second COVID recession, providing a lifeline for states and cities to rebuild and recover from the pandemic. While ARPA garnered significant national attention, states and localities are leading much of the implementation, with elected officials on the ground overseeing the distribution of funds towards affordable housing projects, mental healthcare programs, local job creation, and more.

The NewDEAL is closely tracking the impacts of the American Rescue Plan, especially the $350 billion in state and local recovery funds that have permeated every community in the country. On this page, you’ll find a series of reports, including the Two Year Anniversary Impact Report, with more ARPA policies and investments from NewDEALers, an interactive map of case studies included in the reports, and a video of NewDEAL Leaders talking about the importance of the ARPA funding for their states.

The American Rescue Plan Reports – Impact in the States Reports

Read our initial report, released on the first anniversary of the signing of the American Rescue Plan Act, which highlighted the early successes from across the country initiated by NewDEAL Leaders.

Our addendum, released six months after the original report, provided updates on some of the cases from the first report, and added even more examples of innovative and successful uses of ARPA funding to spur recovery and equitable growth across our nation.

Finally, our third report, released on the two year anniversary of the American Rescue Plan Act, provides snapshots of the law’s continued progress, showing how these resources are making tangible, long-lasting impacts. These success stories show what can happen when government works to solve problems.

The American Rescue Plan Ideas in Action