Categories and descriptions:

  • Citizen safety net – anything pertaining to supporting individuals, whether it’s money, housing, avoiding service shut-off, etc (this may overlap with other categories)
  • Education and schools – includes closures, decisions made to support educational personnel, or resources for parents of schoolchildren now at home
  • Government services – includes building closures, decisions made on suspending specific services, digital methods for people to use government, etc
  • Government staffing – includes decisions about staff working remotely, changes in how government staff meet, anything government is doing to support their own staff
  • Health insurance – guidelines or requirements for how health insurance companies should act during the crisis; other government decisions pertaining to insurance, coverage, or access
  • Housing – includes restrictions on evictions and foreclosures, changes in guidelines on housing costs, government support for housing stability, etc
  • Price gouging – includes government decisions made to limit price gouging by individuals or business
  • Public communication – new ways government is communicating with people (e.g. texts, new websites, etc), virtual town halls and meetings, other outreach and engagement
  • Public health services & support – anything government is doing to expand health services, promote access to care, support hospitals/clinics and personnel, etc
  • Public infrastructure – decision made about water, sanitation, power, etc, including ending shut-offs
  • Small business support – anything being done to help business weather the crisis
  • Social distancing policies – includes bans on public meetings, guidelines for gatherings or being out in public, etc
  • State of Emergency – a declaration of emergency at any level of government
  • Testing – anything pertaining to coronavirus testing specifically, whether funding, expanding access, or other
  • Vulnerable populations – anything specific to seniors, the homeless, or other populations especially hard-hit by a crisis like this

Recent News

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NewDEAL Statement on President Biden’s Announcement of The American Jobs Plan Proposal Represents Transformational Investment in America’s States and Cities Washington, D.C. – Today, the NewDEAL released the following statement on President Biden’s announcement of The American Jobs Plan: Forward-thinking leaders across the country recognize how lack of investment in infrastructure […]

NewDEAL Applauds Relief to States and Cities in American Rescue Plan

NewDEAL Applauds Relief to States and Cities in American Rescue Plan COVID-19 Relief Addresses Key Concerns of Top State, Local Leaders Washington, D.C. – With today’s vote on final passage by the U.S. House, the American Rescue Plan Act that heads to President Biden’s desk provides vital funding for states, […]

NewDEAL Leaders Join New Democrat Coalition Members to Discuss COVID-19 Relief for Communities

Members of Washington’s congressional delegation joined Washington members of NewDEAL to address the most urgent challenges facing Washington state, local, and tribal governments, and the importance of the relief proposed by President Biden and House Democrats in their American Rescue Plan legislation. The bill, which passed in the House on […]