Greg Fischer
Former Mayor | Louisville, KY


Idea Category: Jobs and Entrepreneurship, Smart Government


Today, Louisville has about 79 percent of the tech jobs it should have for a city of its size, and the economy of the future will require significantly more jobs in software development, artificial intelligence, and data analytics. LouTechWorks seeks to meet those demands by quintupling the city’s projected tech job growth over the next few years. The Brookings Institution recently identified 28 percent of Louisville’s jobs are at high risk of automation, and LouTechWorks plans to bring government, public and higher education, philanthropy, nonprofit and corporate leadership together to mitigate the automation risk. The focus on technology jobs is key, as they typically pay well, are fast growing, and are less susceptible to automation.


LouTechWorks aims to maximize the local technology talent pipeline and ensure people are digitally literate and trained to be competitive and obtain technology jobs, from kindergarten through career. We have already secured commitments from Jefferson County Public Schools, Jefferson County's largest school district with 100,000 students, and 7 higher education institutions to add or enhance programs, expand enrollment, and bolster Esports programs and scholarships. We are also including corporate and non-profit partners, to create a seamless, cohesive tech ecosystem.

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