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States are the “laboratories of democracy,” and NewDEAL Leaders are pushing forward with innovative, pragmatic solutions to real issues impacting Americans. Whether it is improving schools, increasing access to high-quality childcare, or protecting the right to vote, our policy reports and publications highlight the most promising practices from around the country. 

Celebrating Three Years of the American Rescue Plan Act

Signed into law in 2021, the American Rescue Plan Act helped stave off a second...

2024 Freedom Agenda

The NewDEAL partners with the New Democrat Coalition to release our 2024 Freedom Agenda.LEARN MORE

Digital Equity in Education


Report from NewDEAL Offers Fresh Insight on School Choice Attitudes and Messaging

The report’s findings stem from a recent virtual convening that brought together NewDEAL leaders from...

NewDEAL Releases ‘Playbook’ to Strengthen Democracy

The Playbook calls for a dramatic increase in protections for election workers, as well as...

2022 Midterm Elections Memo

This year’s midterm elections have huge implications for all…LEARN MORE

Messaging Handbook

As we enter the final stretch for the crucial 2022 midterm elections,…LEARN MORE

2022 Midterm Elections Headquarters

On Election Night, we tracked all NewDEALers races happening nationwide, whether they were running for...

6 Month Update on The American Rescue Plan Impacts

In March, the NewDEAL celebrated the anniversary of the American…LEARN MORE

Broadband Policy Resources & Key Advice from Broadband Leaders

Takeaways from a virtual forum on how state and local policymakers…LEARN MORE

Implementing the Recovery: Improving Access to Affordable Housing

Takeaways from a virtual forum on how state and local leaders…LEARN MORE

The American Rescue Plan — One Year Later: Impact in the States

The report explores five key themes of ARP projects and programs:…LEARN MORE

Implementing the Recovery: How to Get and Use Infrastructure Funds for Climate Impact

Takeaways from a virtual forum, held in partnership with Third…LEARN MORE

Bridging the Digital Divide: Policy Proposals to Increase Broadband Access for All

Recognizing broadband access as an essential tool for work, school,…LEARN MORE

2021 Ideas Challenge

Winners and finalists of the 2021 Ideas Challenge.LEARN MORE

Reforming Immigration and Supporting Immigrants

The NewDEAL convened experts from the public, private, and non-profit…LEARN MORE

NewDEAL Statement on E-Rate Expansion to Support Remote Learning

After submitting comments to the Federal Communications Commission…LEARN MORE

NewDEAL 2021 Federal Policy Recommendations

As we turn the page to a new administration that is committed…LEARN MORE

Renewing America Taskforce: Policy Guidelines & Proposals to Build Back Better

The following report reflects the Task Force’s key principles…LEARN MORE

Education “Policy Proposals for Aligning the Future of Education with Workforce Opportunities”

The NewDEAL Forum Education Policy Group released recommendations…LEARN MORE

Policy Proposals for Growing a Clean Economy and Protecting Communities: A Guide for State and Local Policymakers

This report and its recommendations are meant to provide a practical…LEARN MORE

Renters Choice


Equity Initiative

As Americans across the country stand up against systemic racism and the failures of our...

Modernizing the Safety Net

Oregon Treasurer Tobias Read, Illinois Treasurer Mike Frerichs, and Illinois Senator Daniel Biss are working...

Fighting Climate Change

NewDEAL Leaders have been at the forefront of efforts to help our communities slow the...

Agenda for Change: Addressing the Opioid Crisis

To see ideas from New DEAL Leaders on a wide range of topics, visit the...

Ideas For the Next Federal Stimulus Package

Recommendations for the next federal coronavirus relief package,…LEARN MORE

Removing Barriers to Housing Affordability

Recommendation for addressing the nationwide housing challenges,…LEARN MORE

The Future of Work: Policy Proposals for the Modern Economy

The NewDEAL Forum Future of Work Policy released recommendations…LEARN MORE

The Future of Work: Policy Proposals for the Modern Economy

The NewDEAL Forum Future of Work Policy released recommendations…LEARN MORE