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NewDEAL Leaders Continue To Triumph As Democracy Prevails In Midterms

Midterm races continue to be called this week, and NewDEALers have continued winning more elections for higher office and for reelection. In Arizona, Adrian Fontes was officially named the Secretary of State-elect in one of the highest profile races involving the defeat of an extreme, election-denying opponent. Meanwhile, in California, NewDEALer Matt Mahan was elected Mayor of San Jose, succeeding long-time NewDEALer Sam Liccardo. Dozens of NewDEAL Leaders were reelected to their offices; according to the latest results, 93% of NewDEALers running for reelection this year have won so far. In other key statewide races, Arizona’s Katie Hobbs beat out a far-right extremist to flip the governorship, and Cisco Aguilar flipped the Nevada Secretary of State office. While there are still some races remaining, the midterms have not only proven successful for Democrats, but also calmer than many feared. Earlier this week, NPR reported that the chaos-causing election denialism that followed the 2020 vote has been successfully abated by patriotic poll workers, election officials, and Secretaries of State nationwide. To stay up to date on the remaining NewDEAL races and other key state level elections from across the country, head to our Election Headquarters.

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, One Year Later

On November 15, 2021, President Biden signed the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. Since then, state and local officials have lauded the potential of the federal funding to transform their communities. The law was a victory for state and local leaders who have advocated for renewed federal investment in their physical infrastructure for years. From connecting more families to high-speed internet to accelerating our transition to a green economy through EV infrastructure and green buses, the law promises to help build a greener, more equitable America. As we turn to a second year of implementation there are opportunities for greater efficiency in project approval, permitting, and the grant process to maximize the law’s benefits, as this piece from RouteFifty illustrates. Read our statement celebrating the one year anniversary of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law here.

NewDEALers in the Spotlight

NewDEALers Will Lead The Michigan Senate

This week, in the wake of hugely successful state-level elections for Democrats, the Michigan Senate named its new leadership team, and NewDEALers are well represented. NewDEALer Senator Winnie Brinks was elected the next Majority Leader of the Michigan Senate, while NewDEAL Leader Senator-elect Darrin Camilleri was named Assistant Majority Leader. Fellow NewDEALer Mallory McMorrow was named the Majority Whip. Many anticipate a strong next four years with this leadership team in place. “With deep talent distributed strategically through these positions, we will work to strengthen our schools, support our seniors and veterans, protect our natural resources, defend people’s basic rights, and invest wisely in a state where people can thrive,” Brinks said. The new leadership team is discussed in more detail here.