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Guidelines for Smart Messaging

As we near the crucial 2022 midterm elections, the NewDEAL has released a Messaging Handbook — developed from a series of conversations with NewDEAL Leaders, pollsters, and messaging experts — laying out strategies to appeal to the broadest possible cross-section of voters, especially recognizing that even among Democrats about half of voters consider themselves moderate or conservative. The handbook emphasizes the need for constant repetition of Democrats’ policy accomplishments and their impact, and the need to take seriously key criticisms of the Party with direct, forceful rebuttals on topics like crime and civil rights.

Also included is specific guidance on challenging issues like inflation, immigration, crime, abortion, and education. As the handbook underscores, with the right approaches, Democrats have the opportunity to seize the high ground on these issues while also defining the party as more committed than Republicans to the freedoms so important to the American public.

Lessons from Oakland on Education & Broadband Policy

Last month, a group of NewDEALers went to Oakland to gather with fellow NewDEALer Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf to study the models of ground-breaking initiatives developed and implemented in Oakland to tackle inequities, address the digital divide, and provide students with “cradle to college” educational services — from college savings accounts for the youngest children to scholarships and mentorship for high schoolers. NewDEAL CEO Debbie Cox Bultan joined NewDEAL Leader Alabama House Minority Leader Anthony Daniels for an op-ed this week to reflect on how Mayor Schaaf’s innovative efforts in schools are proving successful at connecting children and families to technology through#OaklandUndivided, supporting teachers’ quality of life through Teachers Rooted in Oakland, and putting children on track to succeed in college. Read their piece in the East Bay Times to learn more about how these efforts can be a model for other cities and states.

NewDEALers in the Spotlight

Jocelyn Benson, Michigan Secretary of State; Steve Simon, Minnesota Secretary of State; and Adrian Fontes, Alum

The Defenders of Democracy

Three NewDEALers were dubbed “Defenders” of American Democracy and featured in the October 2022 TIME Magazine cover story as they run in key battleground states against “election-denying candidates” who seek the office of secretary of state, which oversees election administration. Read about Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon’s work to push back against “the judgment on the entire [election] system” by promoting election transparency and Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, who despite personal attacks, is unwavering in her commitment to preserve the integrity of her state’s election process. A co-chair of the NewDEAL Forum’s Democracy Working Group, Benson is also a national leader on increasing access to voting for all Michigan residents. Also hear from NewDEAL Alum Adrian Fontes, the former Maricopa County Recorder in Arizona, about his high-profile campaign for secretary of state in Arizona, which continues to be a vital state for combating election lies.