NewDEAL Releases ‘Playbook’ to Strengthen Democracy

2022 Midterm Elections Memo

This year’s midterm elections have huge implications for all Americans, putting on the ballot long-established freedoms, our response to dangerous weather events, and even the viability of our democracy. While control of Congress is again up for grabs, the stakes for state and local offices are also higher than ever. Read our 2022 Midterm Elections Memo to learn what to look out for this November.

Messaging Handbook

As we enter the final stretch for the crucial 2022 midterm elections, the NewDEAL has released a messaging handbook with guidelines to appeal to the broadest possible cross-section of voters. This handbook was developed after a series of conversations with NewDEAL Leaders, pollsters, and strategists to discuss what they are seeing in polls and data, and what they’re hearing directly from voters.

2022 Midterm Elections Headquarters

6 Month Update on The American Rescue Plan Impacts

In March, the NewDEAL celebrated the anniversary of the American Rescue Plan Act with a report showcasing NewDEALer initiatives. Now, six months later, the benefits of ARP investments have multiplied. In a new report, NewDEAL updates the progress of our previously featured investments and features new stories on the impacts taking place in communities all over the country.

Implementing the Recovery: Improving Access to Affordable Housing

Takeaways from a virtual forum on how state and local leaders can take meaningful actions on housing solutions to help with affordability in their communities.

The American Rescue Plan — One Year Later: Impact in the States

The report explores five key themes of ARP projects and programs: Housing, Child Care, Education & Workforce, Small Business Support, and Broadband, and includes more than 30 case studies.

Implementing the Recovery: How to Get and Use Infrastructure Funds for Climate Impact

Takeaways from a virtual forum, held in partnership with Third Way, on how state and local leaders can maximize the impact of federal funding from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law on promoting clean energy and other climate solutions.

Reforming Immigration and Supporting Immigrants

The NewDEAL convened experts from the public, private, and non-profit sectors on January 28, 2021, to review President Biden’s efforts, examine their impacts on states and cities, and provide a forum to discuss state and local policy ideas, including how to best tap into the economic potential of immigrant communities.