Modernizing the Safety Net

Oregon Treasurer Tobias Read, Illinois Treasurer Mike Frerichs, and Illinois Senator Daniel Biss are working to alleviate Americans’ worries about saving for retirement through efforts that give employers the choice to either provide qualified retirement savings options, or facilitate employees’ enrollment into a state program.

Fighting Climate Change

NewDEAL Leaders have been at the forefront of efforts to help our communities slow the impact of climate change, including their recent leadership as part of a commitment of more than 300 mayors to uphold Paris’ goals. This agenda highlights a selection of NewDEAL members’ extensive efforts.

Agenda for Change: Addressing the Opioid Crisis

To see ideas from New DEAL Leaders on a wide range of topics, visit the NewDEAL Ideas Portal, and visit our new Ideas Challenge Hub for more resources.

Ideas For the Next Federal Stimulus Package

Recommendations for the next federal coronavirus relief package, with comments from members of the NewDEAL (Developing Exceptional American Leaders) network of nearly 200 state and local officials, providing feedback on improving elements from the CARES Act and additional measures not included in that legislation.

Removing Barriers to Housing Affordability

Recommendation for addressing the nationwide housing challenges, and offering a model for policy change.