NewDEAL Statement on the Second Anniversary of Dobbs v. Jackson

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Debbie Cox Bultan, CEO Of NewDEAL on the Second Anniversary of Dobbs v. Jackson:

More than twenty-five million women live in a state that has enacted an abortion ban or restrictions that limit reproductive freedom in the two years since Trump-appointed Supreme Court Justices overturned Roe v. WadeAmerican women in half the country have lost access to crucial and often life-saving health care, alongside the added physical, emotional, and financial burdens compounded by state bans. Data shows that these extreme abortion bans reduce the quality of life, health, stability, and prosperity wherever they are enacted.

As I write in an op-ed published on today’s anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision, legislators in Democratic-controlled states are offering a policy roadmap to mitigate the impact of abortion bans and reinforce access to abortion care. It’s vital to share and spread these efforts, like shield laws that allow doctors to prescribe medical abortion drugs across state lines.

But to protect reproductive freedom, we must also elect the right people to federal, state, and local offices. Today, NewDEAL is also releasing a guide for effectively communicating about abortion and framing the choices voters face this fall. It’s part of our larger messaging project addressing key issues heading into this year’s critical elections.

Like many Americans, I am angry and deeply frustrated at Roe's overturning. But I am determined to remain hopeful, thanks to the leaders fighting in communities across the country to preserve, protect, and expand American freedom and democracy and to ensure voters are informed of their choices this November. Let’s all work together to ensure those leaders have all the support they need.