Miro Weinberger

Former Mayor | Burlington, VT

Miro Weinberger served four terms as mayor of Burlington, Vt. He was born and raised in Vermont and interned for former Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) while in college. He previously worked as an affordable housing developer and served on the Airport Commission. As mayor, he has prioritized housing, racial equity, fiscal responsibility and climate action. Since his election in March 2012, Weinberger has been working to put Burlington’s finances in order and in 2019 restored the City’s Aa3 credit rating, from the edge of junk bond status less than a decade before. In 2014 Burlington achieved 100% renewable energy generation, and five years later Weinberger launched a plan to achieve Net Zero by 2030 by steadily eliminating Burlington’s use of fossil fuels for heating and ground transportation and ‘electrifying everything’. In 2021, he announced an effort to double the rate of housing production and end homelessness by 2025. He lives in Burlington with his wife and two daughters.