Rachel Walsh

Digital Coordinator

Rachel Walsh serves as the Digital Coordinator for the NewDEAL. She is the leader of the organization’s social media and digital communications strategy and focuses on uplifting the successes of NewDEAL Leaders across the country. Additionally, Rachel supports the NewDEAL Forum and the work of the NewDEAL policy groups by promoting key studies and legislative developments on all digital platforms.

Rachel received her B.A. in English from the George Washington University in 2021 and her M.A. in English from GWU in 2022. Prior to her work with the NewDEAL, she served as an associate with The Avoka Group, where she implemented the firm’s rigorous digital media strategy, and as an intern with New America, where she supported the Fellows Program team and worked alongside prominent thinkers like New York Times bestselling author Clint Smith and the Urban Institute’s Myra Jones-Taylor. Rachel currently resides in Washington, D.C.