Meshea Poore – Delegate (Charleston, WV)

Connect with Meshea:

Delegate Meshea L. Poore is an attorney in Charleston, WV, where she was raised.  After serving as a public defender in her community of Kanawha County, she is now the sole practitioner and owner of The Law Office of Meshea L. Poore.  She came into office in January 2010 through an appointment by Governor Joe Manchin.  She was reelected in November 2010 with 70% of the vote.

Meshea understands her district’s businesses and has worked to meet needs of her community.  She supported the allocation of 5% of coal severance funds to areas like Kanawha County to renew infrastructure and promote economic development.  Meshea believes that a well-educated workforce promotes a sustainable and prosperous future for her district and the state.  She is a voice for adult education, literacy programs, workforce retraining to enable people to be active members in economic growth.  Additionally, Meshea works to support the unique needs and skills of West Virginia’s students by investing in early childhood education, afterschool programs, and drop-out prevention.