Task Force on Climate Change

NewDEAL Leader Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes joined the Governor in announcing a new executive order to establish the Governor’s Task Force on Climate Change, which will advise the governor on developing a strategy to mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change. Lt. Gov. Barnes has already established himself as a leading voice on climate change in his state, and co-chairs the NewDEAL Forum Climate Change Policy Group. He will chair the new Governor’s Task Force, and has noted the importance of taking into account the special impact climate change has on communities of color and low-income communities. Read the press release for more details on the task force.

Burlington, VT’s Net Zero Energy Roadmap

This week, NewDEAL Leader Burlington, VT Mayor Miro Weinberger unveiled the city’s new Net Zero Energy Roadmap, which outlines how the city will become net zero on carbon emissions across its ground transportation, electric, and heating sectors by the year 2030. The road map uses both carbon-cutting and energy efficiency improvements to reach net zero, and offers incentives for homeowners and businesses who wish to make improvements on their own properties. Read more details about the roadmap and its four key goals.

A Green Agenda for the Future

NewDEAL Leader New Castle County Executive Matt Meyer announced the county’s new GreeNCC Agenda to combat climate change and protect the environment as the county grows and builds. The agenda focuses on clean water, sustainable communities, cleaner energy, and more, and County Executive Meyer outlined ways that community members can get involved to take a stand on climate change and support the agenda. Check out his op-ed for more details about the broad range of goals and priorities the county has set with this new agenda.

Expanding Access to Clean Energy

NewDEAL Leader Nevada Assemblymember Daniele Monroe-Moreno recently presented a bill to create an expanded solar access program. The program aims to help renters and low-income customers have access to using solar power offered by electric utilities or through a community-based project, something that is often only available to people who own a home or have the money to finance installation. Learn more about the bill, which also includes workforce training.

Clean Energy Leadership

This week, the Boise City Council approved a plan to achieve 100% clean energy by 2035, an initiative sponsored by NewDEAL Leader Council President Lauren McLean. The plan involves six actionable strategies, each with their own targets, to lay out a cost-effective path for the switch to clean energy. Read more about Boise’s commitment, which made it Idaho’s first city to commit to a 100% renewable energy goal.

Mayor Kriseman Leads on Climate

NewDEAL Leader St. Petersburg, FL Mayor Rick Kriseman was named to Apolitical’s Climate 100, a list of the world’s most influential people in climate policy. Mayor Kriseman was the only American mayor named to the list, and was recognized for his work to reduce air pollution, implement a community solar program, and increase renewable energy financing. Check out the full list, including more details about Mayor Kriseman’s selection.

Building the Alternative Energy Economy

NewDEAL Leader New Bedford, MA Mayor Jon Mitchell welcomed new state plans to build offshore wind facilities in his city, harnessing the area’s commercial port and high winds to provide 1600 megawatts of electricity by 2027. Mayor Mitchell has been working for years to make New Bedford the most attractive candidate to be America’s offshore wind capital, from infrastructure projects to prep the port to education and workforce training programs to prep talent ready to work in alternative energy. Read the Well News’ write-up on this major investment in wind energy and in New Bedford’s economy.

Identifying Climate Change Solutions in Texas

NewDEAL Leader Texas Representative Rafael Anchia filed a bill this week that would create a Global Climate Change Commission for the state of Texas. The Commission would study ways to reduce emissions, improve energy efficiency, and boost public and private investments in clean energy. Learn more about how Representative Anchia hopes to “let science lead the way” in Texas.