Kate Bolz
Former Senator | Lincoln, NE

Access College Early Promise Program



The ACE Promise program solves two problems: one, the lack of skilled workers in in-demand occupations like nursing and two, the need to create opportunities for students to pursue, pay for, and complete a career track higher education program.


The ACE Promise program builds on an existing program, the Access College Early program, which funds low-income high school student enrollment in dual credit courses. The ACE Promise program would provide community college scholarships to students pursuing certificates, diplomas, or associates degrees in the career field they began in high school.

Dual-credit has had a proven impact on college-going rates for low-income students: 81 percent of students go on to college, vs. 53 percent of low-income students who do not participate.

These "middle-skill" careers account for 56 percent of Nebraska’s labor market, representing true job opportunities for students.

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