Steve Adler
Former Mayor | Austin, TX

ARP: Austin to End Homelessness in Texas’ Fourth Largest City

Idea Category: Housing | Funding Source: American Rescue Plan

ARP funds anchor a half-billion dollar effort by Austin Mayor Steve Adler to end homelessness in the coming years. Adler will invest $107 million of federal funds toward the effort. The funds will provide housing for 3,000 individuals and stabilize housing for an additional 2,300 households. Adler is working with city, county, and state officials, as well as the private sector, to supplement ARP funds with the goal of raising $515 million in three years. The effort is close to achieving the goal, with $400 million in commitments by the end of 2021. “We truly are, I believe, at the cusp of being able to end homelessness in this city,” Adler told the Austin American-Statesman in October 2021. With a population of nearly one million, Austin would be one of the largest cities in the nation to end homelessness.


Mayor Steve Adler has allocated $110 million of Austin’s ARP funding to address housing and homelessness issues in the community. The city’s Homeless Strategy Office obligated $4.75 million of its ARP share to rehabilitate and convert two hotels into permanent supportive housing. The funding is a key component of meeting the Mayor’s goal to house 3,000 people in the next two years.