Brooke Lierman
Comptroller | Baltimore, MD

ARP: Boosting Maryland’s Office of Statewide Broadband

IDEA CATAGORY: Broadband | FUNDING SOURCE: American Rescue Plan

Maryland established the Office of Statewide Broadband in 2021, thanks to legislation championed by then-Delegate Brooke Lierman. With a major boost from American Rescue Plan funds, the office assists local governments by making resources available to help cities reach those still unconnected or struggling with poor connectivity. For example, the office offers grants between $50,000 and $10 million to local jurisdictions to extend existing broadband service to unserved areas. The state office defines what is considered high speed but allows local governments to determine how they want to expand their network. Local governments can pursue partnerships with local providers or build their own network with fiber cables, hotspots for a mesh network, or other solutions.

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