Ben Schierer
Mayor | Fergus Falls, MN

ARP: Fergus Falls MN, Advances Revitalization Project

Idea Category: Infrastructure | Funding Source: American Rescue Plan

Fergus Falls Mayor Ben Schierer utilized American Rescue Plan funds to advance a key project in the city’s master plan to transform the downtown and riverfront areas. The city leveraged ARPA funds to secure additional private investments for the Downtown Riverfront Improvements Project, which completed its first phase to improve and replace critical infrastructure around the area. With the infusion of ARAP dollars, the city will break ground in spring 2023 on its second phase to revitalize and enhance the public space and access to the river. Mayor Schierer shared that this $5.2 million project would not be possible without the $713,000 in ARAP funds, which helped build out the scope of the transformation, which will result in increased pedestrian and bicycle access, provide more recreational spaces (including a community splash pad), and tie together with other projects to improve downtown Fergus Falls. Mayor Schierer views this effort as an investment in the next generation, stating it shows "a commitment to the next generation and an investment and a belief in what we might be."