Tishaura Jones
Mayor | St. Louis, MO

ARP: St. Louis MO, Determined to Keep Residents In Their Homes

Idea Category: Housing | Funding Source: American Rescue Plan

St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones has identified three key issues around housing: homelessness, affordability, and homeownership. She’s using American Rescue Plan funds to address each issue. In addition to spending $10 million to directly assist the homeless population, Jones is using federal money to keep families in their homes. St. Louis is using $15 million from ARP on a Healthy Home Repairs program that will help up to 750 families make necessary repairs to stay in their own homes. The city is also investing $23 million in rental assistance programs.

Innovation is a key way the city will keep families housed. Partnering with a nonprofit, the city is using $125,000 of ARP funds for a Property Tax Relief program that pays off backlogged taxes that would normally result in foreclosure. This relatively modest investment will help 50 families stay in their homes, and the city will use an additional $375,000 of ARP funds in coming years for additional property tax relief.

In addition to $20 million for a housing development fund to build more affordable units, the city is spending $2 million to help build a tiny home community, in partnership with a veterans organization. The community will have 50 homes as well as a community center.

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