Kim Driscoll
Lieutenant Governor | Massachusetts

Early College = Early Success

Idea Category: Education


For many of our students, attending college, let alone obtaining a degree, feels daunting and out of reach, especially for first generation college goers and non-traditional students. In addition, many students who attend college, often find it difficult to manage school and working part-time and/or have trouble affording the high cost of earning a college degree in four years. This can lead to students dropping out of college or not matriculating in a timely manner. These students often find themselves in debt, but without a degree they lack the ability to to benefit from the higher earning potential that often accompanies a college degree.


The Early College Program (ECP) enables students, especially first generation college goers, to undertake college coursework and attend classes on a college campus as part of their high school experience. This program will enhance access to a quality higher education experience for our students in a high employment field and increase overall college matriculation and graduation rates in our community.

The ECP includes a summer college preparation program for accepted students before they start the program and ongoing academic support and college access services. Overall, this program is designed to enhance the confidence of students attending college and reduce their overall costs, thus increasing their chances of a successful outcome.

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