Ryan Fecteau
Former Speaker of the House | Biddeford, ME

Enhancing Access to the At-Home Ballot Box

Idea Category: Defending Democracy


More and more Mainers and individuals across the country are utilizing the option to vote from home. This is especially true in Maine where our population is the oldest in the country and absentee voting provides an accessible option for casting a ballot for older Mainers and persons with disabilities. However, it can be cumbersome for someone who votes via absentee to request a ballot for each and every election.


I introduced and passed legislation that creates an ongoing absentee voting status for persons over the age of 65 and persons with disabilities. These individuals will be able to request this status once and from that point forward they will receive an absentee ballot for each and every election. This will create greater access to the ballot box and most importantly it will enhance participation, particularly in local elections that do not have all of the fanfare of a presidential election.

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