Marko Liias
Senator | Lynwood, WA

Equal Access in Public Transportation

Idea Category: Equity & Opportunity, Transportation


The United States Environmental Protection Agency identified the transportation sector as one of the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions and therefore, one of the largest contributors to climate change. 

The absence of public transportation in marginalized communities does not allow marginalized individuals to have equal access to economic opportunities, education, and healthcare resources. According to Talk Poverty, in general, individuals from marginalized groups have a lack of access to reliable transportation. Households that earn an annual income of less than $25,000 are virtually nine times as likely to not possess a personal vehicle. Furthermore, 14 percent of households of color do not owe a vehicle in comparison to 6 percent of white households. Additionally, immigrants, despite their race, are far less likely to possess a vehicle. 


Washington: Washington State Senator Marko Liias’ landmark transportation bill, Move Ahead Washington, was signed into law by Governor Inslee. This bill will direct more funding to non-highway transportation such as EV charging stations, hybrid-electric ferries, and free public transit fares for youth. Importantly, the bill contains strong equity provisions and requires at least 35% of the funding to be invested in overburdened and marginalized communities.

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