John Unger
Former Senate Minority Leader | Martinsburg, WV

Feed to Achieve Act

Idea Category: Healthcare


Food insecurity in children is associated with nutrient deficiencies, increased risk for obesity, poor health, behavior problems, decreased social skills, and academic failure. School-age children from food insecure households have lower grades, more anxiety and aggression, and higher absenteeism and tardiness.


Child Nutrition Programs have been shown to effectively improve nutritional health and academic performance, reduce behavior programs, prevent obesity, introduce children to new and local foods, improve the school climate and help decrease families’ food budgets. Senator Unger therefore proposed the Feed to Achieve Act, which increases participation in these programs by improving the meal quality, offering multiple delivery systems, and by incorporating more local foods into school menus. This program promotes and supports federal Child Nutrition Programs that are currently in place throughout West Virginia schools and promotes a partnership with the private sector to combat childhood hunger issues in innovative ways.

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