Ryan Coonerty
Former County Supervisor | Santa Cruz, CA

Government by the Numbers

Idea Category: Smart Government


County governments are unlike any other entities, providing a breathtaking array of services. They include public safety and jails, road maintenance and repairs, permitting and other land use services, mosquito control, recycling and waste management, health clinics for disadvantaged communities, homeless services, marriage licenses, parks and beach access and the list goes on. But how do all these services fit together? How does the county apply limited resources across so many fields in a way that best fits the values of the community? We needed a Strategic Plan and an Operational Plan tied to the budget to put it into action and a website to track our progress.


After an unprecedented level of public and employee input, Santa Cruz County developed its first Strategic Plan, Vision Santa Cruz County, an overarching vision with six focus areas: Comprehensive Health and Safety, Attainable Housing, Reliable Transportation, Sustainable Environment, Dynamic Economy and Operational Excellence. Goals aren’t enough. We needed an Operational Plan to make it happen. The county now has 178 distinct objectives to pursue over the next two years. And all of it, from the strategic plan to the objectives is synthesized with the county’s first-ever two-year budget. Residents can visit to follow the county’s progress on each objective by tracking the key steps necessary to complete each task.

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