Steve Simon
Secretary of State | Minnesota

Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon: Legislative Priorities to Expand Democracy in Minnesota

Idea Category: Defending Democracy

This week, NewDEAL Leader Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon announced legislative priorities, which include automatic voter registration, increased protections for election workers and restoring voting rights for anyone convicted of a felony still on probation or parole. As this Governing piece points out, state legislatures nationwide are considering changes to their voting systems ahead of the 2024 presidential election, with Republicans in states like Ohio, North Carolina, Texas, Florida, and Georgia seeking to enable officials to prosecute perceived election discrepancies. Along with Simon, Democrats in Connecticut, Michigan, and Pennsylvania are looking to expand access to the ballot box. “I will work with anyone of any political affiliation, from any background, from any part of our state to protect and strengthen and defend the freedom to vote,” Simon said. For more, read this article about the potential impact of Simon’s priorities.

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