Cassie Franklin
Mayor | Everett, WA

Pallet Shelter Homes

Idea Category: Housing, Safety Net


 We have been addressing chronic homelessness for many years and have many outreach programs and interventions in place, but the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated conditions and forced more individuals onto the street. Many of the people living outside are struggling with some combination of addiction, mental and behavioral health challenges. Prior to the pandemic, there was a lack of sufficient emergency shelter and treatment beds. With the increase that we are seeing throughout our communities, this lack of beds to place individuals experiencing homelessness has become a crisis. Having these residents continue to live outside is not a safe, compassionate, or productive option for them, nor a viable option for our communities.


The vast majority of individuals emerging need some form of support to ensure their success, which includes short-term housing. Rapid-response Pallet Shelters can be assembled in under an hour and allow for the creation of a short-term housing community. This community also includes on-site case management and support services to help residents find stability, consider their recovery, and services and work towards a more suitable permanent housing solution.