Maggie Toulouse Oliver
Secretary of State | New Mexico

Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver: Passage of New Mexico Voting Rights Act

Idea Category: Defending Democracy

NewDEAL Leader New Mexico Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver helped lead the effort to enact a new Voting Rights Act in her state during this year's legislative session. Toulouse Oliver worked with community members, election administrators, and fellow elected officials to understand the needs in communities and enact “a huge win for voters” balancing voter access with “high levels of election security.” The legislation will streamline the registration process, including with same-day voter registration, and provide more options to cast a vote with additional secure ballot drop boxes. In addition, the new set of laws include expanded protections for election officials and a first-in-the-nation Native American Voting Rights Act to give Native American tribes and nations more flexibility in administering elections. Read more about the new laws here and check out more good election policy from the NewDEAL Forum.

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