Adrian Boafo
Delegate | Bowie, MD

The Maryland Fair Chance in Housing Act 2024

Idea Category: Equity & Opportunity, Housing

2023 Ideas Challenge Entry

Maryland Delegate Adrian Boafo introduced a "Ban the Box" policy for rental applications to prohibit discrimination against those with a criminal history from applying. Criminal history inquiries will be limited to the past three years, enabling individuals with older criminal histories to have a fair chance at securing housing, with an exception for individuals on the sex offender registry. Additionally, this bill requires housing providers to provide a physical disclosure stating the reasons for denying an applicant, fostering a more open and accountable housing system. Further, this bill mandates that all housing providers restrict their application fees to cover only the actual cost of the screening process.


Housing continues to be one of the most significant barriers for those transitioning out of prison. This bill will help send a message by helping returning citizens access essential housing.