Nirva LaFortune
Former City Councilmember | Providence, RI

Transit Corridor Opportunity Program (TCOP)


Underutilized corridors, last-mile connections or access to reliable transportation, affordable housing production, employment opportunity, and a ready workforce is a challenge for many communities. These issues are interdependent yet approached individually. Therefore, lacks a comprehensive solution that can help mitigate the systemic issue.


A program that incentivise or allows inclusionary zoning for economic and housing development in transit corridors, promotes balanced and integrated walkable/bikeable communities that provides access to affordable housing, transportation, and develops, attracts and retains talent, reduce pollution and promote workforce stability and healthier lifestyle by: Promoting private and public partnerships to increase housing and economic development, Inclusionary Zoning for Small Business and housing, and maintain mix-income housing and development in focus areas supported by high level of transit service. TCOP would help reduce transportation cost for both employee and employer and improve communities economic and housing opportunities.