Free Gun Locks By Mail

2023 Ideas Challenge Entry

Shelby County Mayor Lee Harris helped launch a Free Gun Lock By Mail program, a first-of-its-kind program by a local government, to prevent unintended gun tragedies. The total cost of each lock with postage is $7 a piece, making this program incredibly cost-effective, especially considering the cost to the community of even one lost life or gunshot wound can be astronomical.

More than 800 Shelby County residents, representing all zip codes in Shelby County, have requested a gun lock online and received it through the mail since the program was rolled out this year.


The program has already been wildly successful. The city is measuring success not just by the number of locks that have been requested and distributed, but also by the comments from those asking for the locks who have expressed their gratitude and their reasons for wanting to securely store their weapons. Many mention the safety of their children and grandchildren, and being responsible gun owners to keep the community at large safe.