Annie Rice

Alderperson / St. Louis, MO

Annie Rice is a progressive powerhouse, balancing her passion with strategy and collaboration to get stuff done. She represents the 8th Ward in the City of St. Louis as an Alderwoman, an attorney practicing immigration and civil rights law (partner with Khazaeli Wyrsch LLC) and and recently completed her four year term of service on the Board of the Migrant and Immigrant Community Action (MICA) Project. Prior to her aldermanic election, Annie was the Democratic Committeewoman for that same ward and represented the 5th Senate District to the Missouri Democratic Party. Her Bachelor’s degree in Urban and Cross Cultural Ministry and a TESOL Certificate helped to set the stage early and she continues to be focused on pursuing diverse and inclusive communities, equitable development, and good governance reforms.

Beyond serving her constituents and clients, on the citywide legislative level, she has recently proposed a bold redistricting bill, has worked on Temporary Food Permits to ease access to Low Income Low Access communities. She strives for pay and job equity in her community through banning the box and eliminating the prior salary questions, supports local gun regulations in a preemption state and advocates for good governance reforms like campaign finance limits and getting lobbyists off the meeting floor. She is a proud supporter of sustainability legislation to mitigate the effects of climate change, equitable public health, tenants’ rights, and protections for immigrants.