Daniel Drew

Former Mayor | Middletown, CT

Daniel Drew is the former mayor of Middletown, Connecticut where he served from 2011 to 2019. After becoming mayor of Middletown in 2011, Mayor Drew closed the $8 million deficit in the city budget and upgraded the city’s bond rating with the lowest interest rates in city’s history. He also improved the efficiency and efficacy of City government by implementing large-scale re-organizations to save taxpayers millions.

Mayor Drew restored highly competent leadership to the police department and added several new officers to the force. Several new businesses and manufacturers opened in Middletown. He also enacted a senior tax relief program to significantly aid seniors on a fixed income, in addition to a prescription drug discount program for Middletown seniors.

In addition, he re-negotiated a large energy service contract for the City of Middletown, saving taxpayers $1.4 million. Mayor Drew saved taxpayers $800,000 by reducing pension fund costs. He also merged city and BOE finance operations, substantially increasing transparency.

Mayor Drew graduated from the University of Connecticut in 2002. He will graduate from Columbia University in 2015 with an MA in social and organizational psychology.