John Dickert

Former Mayor | Racine, WI

John Dickert is the former Mayor of Racine , Wisconsin. He served from 2009 to 2017.

A former real estate agent, John made restoring Racine’s neighborhoods a key piece of his landmark 10-year plan, which sought to revitalize Racine by bringing quality jobs to the city, reducing crime and reshaping the community. In order to achieve these goals, John focused on supporting new businesses and the expansion of existing companies. Under his leadership, unemployment dropped by nearly five percent and more constituents are able to afford housing by turning foreclosed housing into family homes.

Additionally, John was appointed by the United States Conference of Mayors to both the Mayors Water Council and as Vice-Chair of the Metro Economies Committee. He was also elected by his peers to serve as the first President of the  Urban Alliance of the League of Wisconsin Municipalities.