Erin Healy

Representative | Sioux Falls, SD

Erin Healy was first elected to the South Dakota State House in November 2018. In the House, Erin aims to ensure that South Dakotans’ voices are heard to create lasting change, building on her graduate work on understanding state legislators’ responsiveness to constituent policy preference. She will pursue policies that make a difference in residents’ lives, building bipartisan support to address real problems.

Prior to her election, Erin worked as a legislative correspondent and research assistant in the Washington D.C. office of Senator Tim Johnson. In 2014, she returned to Sioux Falls and is currently a member of 100+ Women Who Care, regularly volunteers at The Banquet, and First United Methodist Church, where she has been a lifelong member. She has encountered many people within Sioux Falls who live in poverty and are in need of assistance, and strives to make sure that those children and families can have the same opportunities she did. Erin also serves on the leadership team for LEAD SD (Leaders Engaged And Determined), an organization that aims to bring education and awareness to issues facing South Dakota and the United States. At the legislature, she serves as Minority Whip, is on the Board of Economic Development, on the Department of Health’s Preventable Death Review Committee, and is a Midwest Higher Education Compact commissioner.