Irene Shin

Delegate | Herndon, VA

A resident of downtown Herndon, Irene Shin has been involved in public service in Virginia since 2014. Irene currently works as Executive Director of the Virginia Civic Engagement Table, a nonprofit organization that organizes communities to increase civic education and engagement across the Commonwealth.

Previously, Irene has worked with Supervisor John Foust, now-Vice President Kamala Harris, and spent many years in community and political organizing, as well as a number of nonprofits to recruit and support Black, Indigenous, People of Color, and Women to run for office.

As a Delegate, Irene has worked diligently to make our government work better for families across her district and across our Commonwealth. Whether it is fighting for utility disconnection protections for our most vulnerable, securing greater support and access to resources for Virginians living with intellectual disabilities, cracking down on exploitative profiteering within our correctional system, or ending inhumane animal testing and breeding practices — Irene has stood up for her beliefs, and her constituents.