Margaret Good

Former Representative | Sarasota, FL

State Representative Margaret Good was elected through special election in February of 2018 to represent a district that voted for Trump by five points, signifying the first district to be flipped in 2018. Visiting her family in Florida every year growing up and eventually moving to Sarasota after law school has fostered a deep appreciation of Florida’s rich history and natural beauty for Good. The state representative ran because she wanted to change the way Sarasota citizens were only being offered two options, the status quo or moving backwards. She wanted to disrupt that system and fight to protect Florida’s beauty through environmental protections, ensure every child receives a quality public education, and take action on common sense gun legislation to move towards a safer Florida.  

Since winning her special election in 2018, State Representative Good has been a strong proponent of policies that ensure future generations of Floridians will be able to enjoy the state’s natural resources. Good prioritizes partnering with local businesses to alleviate environmental strains and holding big corporations accountable for endangering Sarasota’s wetlands. She strongly opposes the use of taxpayer dollars to fund for-profit charter schools as well as the divestment of state funds to private schools that don’t meet the needs of students, and holds that we should be investing in education through ensuring that Sarasota educators are receiving the pay that they deserve and need to continue teaching the children of Florida. The state representative believes in empowering and expanding the middle class through increasing funding in her district for workplace development and providing small business incentives to foster the growth of local businesses that provide good-paying jobs. Good does not believe that Floridians can thrive with a dismantled Affordable Care Act or extensive cuts to Medicaid that limit patient choice. Expanding Medicaid to ensure quality, affordable healthcare for her constituent’s is one of the state representative’s top legislative priorities.