Stacie Anderson

Councilmember | Missoula , MT

Stacie Anderson was elected to the Missoula City Council in 2017. She ran with the mission to make Missoula work for everyone! Missoula is a leader in Montana in conservation initiatives, clean energy policies, and most recently adopted a board-based plan to address the need for more affordable housing. Councilmember Anderson has worked on implementing Missoula’s fiscally responsible budget, open space policy, responsible growth plans, and key aspects of the city’s “Zero by 2050” waste reduction policy.

Councilmember Anderson was born and raised in Montana and is a proud graduate of the University of Montana, with a degree in Organizational Communications. Stacie is a passionate believer that the best way to ensure good policy is by electing effective policy makers; she has worked with and led several statewide organizations whose missions range from electing conservation champions to electing more progressive pro-choice women. Councilmember Anderson currently serves as the Executive Director of A Better Big Sky, which is a state-based donor alliance that works to fund greater civic engagement and progressive leadership.