Teresa Benitez-Thompson

Former Assemblymember | Reno, NV

Teresa Benitez-Thompson has been on the Nevada State Assembly since 2011 and currently serves on the Interim Finance Committee, Legislative Commission, and Legislative Committee on Health Care. She also serves on the Board of Directors for Corporation for Public Benefit for Nevada Youth Legislature. Teresa is a strong advocate for education, jobs and energy, and government spending and efficiency. She has worked on legislation to increase funding for public schools, to standardize and streamline home energy audits, to reduce gridlock at state agencies, to improve Nevada’s economic development efforts, to increase use of public-private partnerships with small businesses in state contracting, and to improve health care services for children, families and seniors.

Teresa previously served as President for the Nevada Empowered Women’s Project, for which she was honored by the National Center for Law and Economic Justice in 2006 for her work.