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When Government Works: Debbie Cox Bultan

From Future Hindsight


"Our politicians, our elected officials are the “by the people,” so we need to support them.”

Debbie Cox Bultan is the CEO of the NewDEAL, a network of 150 rising state and local officials, and the NewDEAL Forum, which identifies and promotes innovative state and local pro-growth progressive policies. We discuss what it means to deliver good governance at the state and local level.

We have a big problem with our democracy right now, and it stems from people believing that the government is to blame for all of our problems. In 24-hour media cycles that fill airtime with the loudest voices instead of the voices with the most common sense, it’s easy to see why. But our government can do good things, and it works best when public officials can find compromise and come together to find common ground.