McCarthy Vahey selected to join NewDEAL

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Today, Cristin McCarthy Vahey was selected as one of the 19 leaders from across the country to join the NewDEAL, a national network that is committed to highlighting innovative ideas from state and local elected leaders who are progrowth progressives.

Governor Jack Markell of Delaware and U.S. Senator Mark Warner of Virginia, Honorary Chairs of the NewDEAL, recognized Representative McCarthy Vahey’s work to grow the economy by helping cities rebuild their infrastructure in a way that attracts better jobs and promotes more sustainable transportation.

“NewDEAL Leaders in communities across the country have proven that winning policy solutions can be both progrowth and progressive. We are proud to highlight leaders from across the country with innovative ideas to make government more efficient and effective,” said Senator Warner, Honorary CoChair of the NewDEAL.

“We believe that in order to address the challenges of the 21st century, we need to look for fresh ideas at the state and local level where leaders like Cristin McCarthy Vahey are developing and testing innovative solutions to help move our country forward,” said Governor Markell, Honorary CoChair of the NewDEAL.

“I am proud to be recognized by the NewDEAL for my work in expanding opportunities by creating innovative transportation alternatives and creative commuting options,” said Representative McCarthy Vahey. “I am looking forward to working with my fellow NewDEAL leaders and implementing in Connecticut what’s working best in their communities.”

Cristin McCarthy Vahey is currently featured on the NewDEAL’s interactive website at along with Mayor Dan Drew, she joins Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff as one of the 3 NewDEAL Leaders from Connecticut.