NewDEAL and New Dems Launch ‘2024 Freedom Agenda’

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Emma Weir, (New Dems)

Jonathan Dworkin, (NewDEAL)

DATE: November 15th, 2023

NewDEAL and New Dems Launch

‘2024 Freedom Agenda’

Leading Democratic organizations unveil framework for 2024 elections focusing on Freedom of Opportunity; Freedom in Communities; and Freedom through Democracy

Washington, DC ––  Today, NewDEAL and the New Democrat Coalition launched their joint 2024 Freedom Agenda, which shows how Democrats from city councils to state legislators to Congress are fighting to protect Americans' fundamental freedoms and expand opportunities, while Republicans continue to sow chaos, extremism, and division at every level of government.

The agenda emphasizes that everyone should have “the chance to achieve the American Dream and the ability to make deeply personal decisions without government interference, while feeling safe, secure, and welcomed in every corner of our country.”

“At every level of government, Democrats are demonstrating that we are the true defenders of Americans’ fundamental freedoms,” said New Democrat Coalition Chair Annie Kuster (NH-02). “I’m excited to announce this freedom agenda alongside NewDEAL Leaders, which will guide our policy agenda and help Democrats take back the House majority in 2024. While far-right Republicans continue to attack freedom, our Members are working to expand it––from the freedom to vote in free and fair elections to the freedom to make personal reproductive decisions and the freedom to live safely in your community.”

“Freedom is at the foundation of what it means to be a Democrat and is a core value of NewDEAL and New Dems,” said Debbie Cox Bultan, CEO of NewDEAL. “Republican extremists insist on the government restricting all aspects of life, from what books people can read to women’s health care decisions. The Freedom Agenda shows why Americans are increasingly rejecting extremism and embracing the pragmatic, solutions-oriented ideas of NewDEAL Leaders and New Dems.”

The 2024 Freedom Agenda has three primary components: Freedom of Opportunity; Freedom in Communities; and Freedom through Democracy.

The agenda states: “While Republicans work to roll back essential freedoms, New Dems and NewDEAL Leaders are fighting tooth and nail to fortify Americans' rights and create economic opportunities, while working in a bipartisan way at every opportunity.”

Read the full 2024 Freedom Agenda here.