‘We Are the Party of Freedom’: DNC Chair Jaime Harrison Marks 200th Episode of An Honorable Profession Podcast

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DATE:  September 21, 2023

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‘We Are the Party of Freedom’: DNC Chair Jaime Harrison Marks 200th Episode of An Honorable Profession Podcast

Chair Harrison discusses the importance of state and local elected leaders as we near the crucial 2024 election.

Washington, D.C. – NewDEAL is celebrating the fifth anniversary and 200th episode of its award-winning podcast, An Honorable Profession, with an inspiring conversation between Democratic National Committee Chair Jaime Harrison and hosts Debbie Cox Bultan (NewDEAL CEO) and Ryan Coonerty (former Santa Cruz County, CA Supervisor and Santa Cruz, CA Mayor). The episode, released today, features Harrison delving into issues ranging from the importance of local leaders to the untold accomplishments of the Biden Administration and how he first got involved in politics. He talks about the outlook for the 2024 election, how the Biden Administration has beaten the odds, and what the party is doing to defend democracy and combat voter suppression efforts nationwide.

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Harrison emphasizes that the Democratic Party’s communications should not come from Washington but, instead, from local leaders.

“Talk about how Democrats have delivered, and you’ve got so much to say... How we delivered on the environment. How we delivered on education. How we delivered on criminal justice reform. How we delivered on student loans. How we delivered on health care. And then you – on a local level – pick and choose what works for the people you represent and the people that you know,” Harrison said. “You know that already. You need folks on the local level to pick [from] the multitude of things we’ve been able to accomplish across the board.”

“Chair Harrison summed up the message of the Democratic Party beautifully – we are the party of hope, not fear. Heading into 2024, Democrats have such an impressive record of accomplishment to run on,” Bultan said after the interview. “He reminded us that elected officials at all levels can and must spread the message that Democrats have delivered, and are committed to continuing to build a more just, prosperous, and safe America.”

“An Honorable Profession has been an incredible journey over the past five years,” Coonerty said. “We are the preeminent podcast showcasing the incredible future of American political leadership. It’s gratifying on our anniversary that Chair Harrison doubled down on the importance of these leaders for our democracy. I can’t wait for the next 200 episodes.”

An Honorable Profession is a weekly podcast featuring rising Democratic stars and influential thinkers in government and public policy. Past guests include U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, U.S. Senator Chris Coons (D-DE), State Senators Mallory McMorrow and Sarah McBride, and more. Like Harrison, many guests tell their origin story of how they first got involved in electoral politics, discuss how to address the biggest issues facing our country, and share what motivates them to continue to fight for a better town, city, state, and nation.

Key Quotes from Chair Harrison’s Interview:

On Democratic Values: “We are the party of freedom. We’re the party that believes, as the Founders said, that all people are created equal. And we believe that to the core of who we are. All people in this country should have the ability to live their American Dream, whatever that dream may be. Regardless of their background. Regardless of their race. Regardless of who they pray to. Regardless of who they love. Regardless of how they identify themselves. They should all have the power to live their American Dream. And when they run up against a barrier or an issue or an obstacle to that, then we as a party utilize all the things we have to eliminate that barrier. That’s who we are, fundamentally, as a party.”

On Democracy: “American democracy as we know it, as we love it, is on the line this election cycle. We can’t be silent. We can’t be complacent.”

On Voter Protection: “We, the Democratic Party, are the party of voting rights for all of America’s people.”

On President Biden’s Accomplishments: “The largest infrastructure bill since Dwight Eisenhower. When you look at the Inflation Reduction Act, the largest investment in fighting back against the climate crisis ever in the history of the world, by any country… For the first time, Medicare is going to be able to negotiate the price of prescription drugs… The millions of people who had student loans forgiven, and how transformative that is going to be.”

On What Keeps Him Going: “The thing that keeps me going is hope. Here in South Carolina, we have a motto, ‘While I breathe, I hope.’ I think it’s a beautiful motto. As a young black man growing up the way I did, all I had at times was hope. Hope that things would be better. Hope that the tough times in the night would go away with the bright opportunities in the morning.”

On Advice to Those Getting Involved in Politics: “Stay focused on how you improve the lives of constituents… It’s not about you coming in to offer solutions, but you going in to [listen].”

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