Lauren McLean
Mayor | Boise, ID

ARP: Boise ID, Looks to Reduce Obstacles for Child Care Workers

Idea Category: COVID, Safety Net | Funding Source: American Rescue Plan

Through a combination of regulatory changes and funds from the American Rescue Plan, Boise Mayor Lauren McLean is making it easier for child care facilities to operate. The city recently approved an ordinance change, allowing for temporary licenses for workers when they pass local and state background checks, permitting folks to start work before federal background checks are complete. 

City officials noted that it is rare for someone to pass the first two checks and fail the last one. Additionally, for the next two years, the city is footing the bill for license application fees for all new child care workers. Prior to the change, workers paid more than $80 for a license application as well as up to $50 for a First Aid and CPR class.

Recognizing that addressing the child care crisis is beyond a single solution, Boise plans to use ARP funds to invest in child care infrastructure on multiple fronts. Child care was identified as one of five top areas of need by community groups and residents during the city’s ARP community engagement sessions. While ARP investment details will not be finalized until the city’s grant application process is closed, the city expects to allocate funds for the physical development of child care facility space, in addition to further reducing barriers to employment for child care workers.


Mayor McLean announced that Boise will use $3 million of ARP funds to provide one time payments of $1,500 to two thousand childcare providers and workers. In the first 24 hours that the Childcare Incentive Pay Program application was open, it received over 440 applications.

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