Justin Bibb
Mayor | Cleveland, OH

ARPA Case Study: Cleveland Mayor Justin Bibb Enacts Innovative Initiative to Address Community Violence

Idea Category: American Rescue Plan Act, Funding, Public Safety | Funding Source: American Rescue Plan

Upon taking office, Cleveland Mayor Justin Bibb developed a Rescue & Transformation Plan outlining his priorities and plans to maximize the use of federal funds, including from ARPA, the Infrastructure Innovation and Jobs Act (IIJA), and other legislation. A central piece of the plan is the Center for Economic Recovery, a strategic policy team focused on guiding ideas for ARPA-funded projects that address the city’s most urgent challenges and long-term improvements to the everyday lives of Clevelanders. One of the ten priorities listed in the plan is Violence Prevention & Public Safety, with the goal of investing in proactive intervention and prevention to address the root causes of violence and crime.

Bibb used ARPA for seed funding to enact a pioneering initiative, the Neighborhood Safety Fund, aimed at combating violence in the city. The fund seeks to provide perpetual support for community-driven programs addressing violence's root causes, spanning from education to mentorship.

“We can’t solve it alone here at City Hall," said Bibb. "I believe this first-of-its-kind fund in the nation will really show, not just Cleveland, but the country how to come together as a collective of real support, real alignment, real data- driven collaboration of how to make the right investments in our neighborhoods.”

The endowment fund is expected to generate $13 million in grants over 25 years, with plans to disburse $1 million annually with two application cycles each year. An advisory committee, including city officials, community representatives, and City Council members, will oversee grant distribution, managed by the Cleveland Foundation.

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